2 More Games join the $39.99 Party!

With the launch of the Xbox 360 came the new game pricing point of $59.99 being pushed by most publishers (outside of Microsoft Games)...

Well, it is now time to rejoice fellow penny pinchers, as it is now being reported that two more games are joining the $39.99 party! Condemned and Riiidge Racer!

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TheMART5113d ago

Condemned is great, Ridge Racer s*cks. But what would you expect from a Sony franchise title...

kamino775113d ago

TheMart should play games before spitting that junk out of his mouth. I heard Condemned was great but too short. Ridge Racer is a GREAT arcade racer. Fast, fun, and beautiful to look at.

Ignore losers like TheMART !!!!!!

Lucidmantra5113d ago (Edited 5113d ago )

I agree arcade racers SUCK, we live in 2006 where Gran Turismo, PGR, Forza are driving simulations practically. Need For Speed maybe not so much but I always prefered GT, FORZA and TOCA (more recently).