Condemned – What The Hell Happened To It?

Where exactly did Sega's survival horror franchise disappear off to?

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2pacalypsenow1066d ago

Second game didn't sell enough.

Neonridr1066d ago

which is a shame, I really enjoyed these two games.

2pacalypsenow1066d ago

They were amazing games.

Still play them from time to time, that bear scene..

gangsta_red1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

Part one was absolutely amazing. Didn't care for part 2 though. But I would love to see a part 3.

It's a shame how many awesome game IPs from a lot of developers will forever lay dormant because of low sales, rising costs of production and no brand recognition. It will only get worse as the new gens come.

fluxmulder1065d ago

I think Monolith is more about Shadow of Mordor sequels these days.

1065d ago
snoopgg1065d ago

First game was a scary good romp. I was shooting mannequins cause I was on the edge!

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