Going Back to the Xbox 360

"Going back to the Xbox 360 catalog has been purifying. I'm sorry Microsoft has stopped, for now, the launch of more titles compatible with the new consoles. There is a lot to discover on Xbox and Xbox 360 and I would love to be able to do it on my Xbox One S."

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Fist4achin1329d ago

There are still a few more games I hope to see on the Xbox BC list. To name a few:

Beautiful Katamari
Eternal Sonata
Max Payne 3

MadLad1328d ago

Max Payne 3 is freaking fantastic.

1329d ago
darthv721328d ago

The 360 - XBO bc program has been shifted to the 360 - XSX bc program now. Same with og xb bc games. MS said they were going to make even more og and 360 games bc for the SX.

Fist4achin1328d ago

Seems like they have not added anything to the BC games list for a little while.

DeeJayChrisEdiT1328d ago

They ended adding games last year that is why u haven't seen anything added.

darthv721328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

there will be a slew of new additions once the sx releases.

Profchaos1328d ago

Possibly more powerful emulation is possible on the next gen hardware some games that never released may have played poorly on X1 like max Payne 3 given it was multiple discs and possibly one of the most graphically advanced games on the system

Agito19871328d ago

I have my fingers crossed for Mechassault !!!

TheHan1328d ago

There’s a lot more games I’d like to see backward compatible three right off the top of my head are Aliens Vs Predator: Extinction, Wrath, Battle for Middle Earth 2.

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Condemned: Criminal Origins - FPS, But Not as We Know It

SEGA's Condemned: Criminal Origins arrived as an innovative yet flawed Xbox 360 launch title, but is worth revisiting on modern consoles.

Snookies12173d ago

Would actually love to see a remake/reboot of Condemned. So very underappreciated... I was a bit of an Xbox hateboy back during the time this came out. But I did own a 360 for a short time back then. Thankfully this is one of the games I got to check out. Thanks to it being super cheap at a GameStop. At least it got a sequel, but it deserved to be a whole franchise honestly.

XiNatsuDragnel173d ago

That'll be awesome to see this remade again

Barneyco172d ago

Loved the first one. The second one wasn't very good.

MadLad172d ago

I didn't think the second was bad. It just didn't feel like the original, and went really off the rails with the sorting.
It was like playing Condemned while you're really sick, and Condemned was the fever dream that came after you went to sleep.

hiawa23172d ago

I am still playing Condemned 1 & 2. Both games deserve a remake or remaster. I am still baffled why 2 is not on the back compat list.

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Condemned: Criminal Origins - Revisiting A Forgotten Horror Classic

FreeckyCake writes: " Condemned: Criminal Origins is one of those unrivaled titles that will forever remain in my memory no matter how old it gets. We can only hope that we will at least get a port to the Condemned 2: Bloodshot game on PC and current-gen consoles, or why not a sequel someday soon? One can only dream."

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Snookies12894d ago (Edited 894d ago )

Condemned was amazing! Had a really cool multi-player as well, such a shame it we never got another one after 2. Brings back some great memories on the 360. Condemned was definitely one of the first games I picked up for the 360. Loved the atmosphere and the amount of melee items you could utilize. Would really love if Microsoft could somehow reboot this franchise!

Skate-AK894d ago

I never got to play the MP for 2 but my brother always mentions about how good it was.

Iltapalanyymi894d ago

one of the best horror games ever in my book

MadLad894d ago

It's a shame we never got a third game. The original was better than the second, in my opinion, but that's far from saying the second was bad.