Skyrim: What happens when you use Unrelenting Force Shout In a house Full of Weapons

GB : Check out this amazing video from Skyrim, which shows the physics in action. We're not sure whether its the PC version or the console version but the framerate comes down to a crawl due to the awesomeness.

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CrimsonEngage2520d ago

This is some great news. Good jub N4G. /s

Karooo2520d ago

It's a funny video, bro.

lugia 40002520d ago

No, its a crappy video where you put Skyrim in the title to get at least 100º

Norad62520d ago

This isn't news and should not be here. Posters like you are what are wrong with N4G these days.

DeadIIIRed2520d ago

You do realize this site is meant for more than just the typical news article right? That's why reviews, opinion pieces, and rumor pieces are allowed. It's been that way for years.

That being said this was just lame and should have been reported before it was submitted.

Solidus187-SCMilk2520d ago

I thought that was cool not because of the shout moving the weapons but simply because that was an awesome house full of ALOT of weapons.

I wasnt expecting to see that many weapons.

Yukicore2520d ago

I should try this on my PS3, so then my house will be full of Playstation 3 pieces...

D3mons0ul2520d ago

I was hoping the weapons would fly around poltergeist style and skewer the player.

solidboss2520d ago

while this is not "news" dont bash the poster. lots of people are posting useless shit on n4g. at least this post is something that warrants a 1 time view for amusement

Ch1d0r12519d ago

i guess its ok to kill time.

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The story is too old to be commented.