SKYRIM - Oghma Infinium Book Glitch/Exploit MAX OUT all Skills

here's another handy glitch for those you want to take the easy cheating path in Elders Scrolls V: Skyrim. The Infinite XP Glitch lets you max out all your skills to level 100 faster than heating your frozen dinner in a microwave. It's a bit tricky at first - as God forbid you have to complete a quest as well - so pay attention...

You need to obtain a book called Oghma Infinium that will give you unlimited skill points by continually opening it. The trick is to make sure you read it from the bookshelf menu then not read it.

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roadtrucker2519d ago

after watching the video im very disappointed in bethesda for letting this happen

doggg2519d ago

gotta try this when im done with the game just to mess around in the game

Larry L2519d ago

disappointed? Let's be honest here. All these kinds of cheats/glitches in Skyrim that let you do things like this (infinite skills, gold and in a way smithing ultra-powered equipment, but in that case you have to max smithing, alchemy and enchantment, so it's not a glitch, you spend alot of perks to be able to do that, and there's a damage negation cap anyway) you have to WANT to do these things. They aren't game breaking where you can do these things accidentally. So they really aren't that bad in my opinion. So if you CHOOSE to do these exploits, you should be disappointed in yourself, not Bethesda.

And just about the fact that it's possible to do these's a single player game that each person paid for. If they decide they want to use cheats in the game, that's up to them. What's the dif. between this and using cheats in GTA? There is none. IMO all developers should include cheats in the single player portions of games.

MRMagoo1232519d ago

If it wasnt for stupid trophies/achievements most games now would still have all the fun cheats that they used to have, its really up to the individual whether they want to cheat of not some ppl have more fun cheating and less fun not cheating.

I dont think ppl should use them online at all if competition is involved but i dont see the harm in private use. Damn you trophy/achievements damn you!!!!

Terrified2519d ago

You're a moron. Have you played the PC version? We get the Tilda command and we can go anywheres we want, spawn anything we want, revive and kill anything by typing it, and max out any skill and perk in a couple presses. We can dupe anything. Hell, we can go across the world with just the camera if we wanted to. If you think this is bad, go elsewhere. This is just for the ones who don't have a PC and want to cheat pretty much.

HardCover2519d ago

And they've been including that for a long, long time.

Seriously, we can even do this if we want:

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2519d ago

That was actually so cool, I would have loved if they actually put something like that in game.

StraightPath2519d ago (Edited 2519d ago )

I did this got all max skills and i am at level 82. Even at level 82 with around 70 perks points to spend you can not have all the perks at once.

Thank you Oghma Infinuim removed all that low life grinding out of this game :D

zeddy2519d ago

doing this is like getting to the orgasm and skipping all the shagging.

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Goldenarmz2519d ago

im starting to think some of these glitches were left in here on purpose. Who would want to play the game like this?

Larry L2519d ago

I agree that some were left in on purpose, but I think that's good, and I disagree with your other comment.

Who would want to use cheats in GTA? Or CoD? Or the old DOOM games? Or the level skips in Mario? Or the millions of other cheats millions of gamers have always used if they wanted to cheat?

IMO in single player games cheats are great. Sometimes it's fun to be God (in game). It's also fun to have a challenge and play by the game's rules too. But if I WANT to have one or more of my characters to be a GOD in a single player game, who are you or anyone else to tell me no?

I'm not saying that to you myself now, but that is the point I'm making. To me there has been a disturbing lack of awesome cheats this gen. (and FAR too many online for certain games *coughCoDcough*)

MRMagoo1232519d ago

Thats one of the reasons i play alot of games on pc now because even if they havent got cheats in the games you can make them your self like the old action replay/game genie/game shark used to let you do on older consoles.

Kurt Russell2519d ago

up, down, left, right, A,B,C start.

Nevers2519d ago

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, B, A, (*select), start

*optional for 2player

LordStig2519d ago

with a game of this scale you've got to expect bugs, glitches and exploits like this.

Chnswdchldrn2519d ago

Useful if you play on console, but not really a point on PC given that you can do whatever you want with mods/and a pretty little key "~"

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