Weird wives of Skyrim: The true story of a baffling in-game romance

Wired: It started on a misty morning in a town called Riften. The birds were singing, my pockets were bulging with lockpicks and I arrived at the church in a full suit of armour. For some reason, my hired mercenary accompanied me down the aisle. She didn't seem to think this was inappropriate, but fortunately neither did my bride-to-be.

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CrimsonEngage2526d ago

Funny read. When I got married (in Skyrim) there were dead bodies in the church from when I first started the game 20 hours before getting married because I killed some people...

Anyways, there are only a few good looking women to choose from in this game. I married Ysolda because I like redheads.

Iroquois_Pliskin2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

DUDE! If you love red-heads you shoulda married Muiri! I married her, she´s beautiful


She's in Markath btw, in Hag's Cure. You have to do the Dark Brotherhood quest 'Mourning Never Comes' to be able to propose to her.

SaiyanFury2526d ago

I also married Ysolda. It was a tossup between Miuri, her, and Ioni (I think that's her name). The one I really wanted to marry was Idgrod the Younger, but sadly, she's unavailable, haha.

smithdown2526d ago

Good article. I'm getting married in April and part of me wishes it could be like this, rather than the drawn-out, daffodil-laden affair my better half is planning... Especially if she manages to earn me £5k every few days!!

BTW - where do you find this magical Necklace of Single & Seeking? I reckon there are probably a few N4G members who could use one...

FCOLitsjustagame2526d ago

Temple of Mara. God of love and light or whatever...