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GameBlurb writes, "Even with countless hours of time put into the game, you can never feel like you've had enough with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I've spoken about how much I've loved this game and it's become one of the best games for me at all times. I'm already excited to see what Bethesda might have in store for DLC packages. In Oblivion we were able explore the Shivering Isles, I hope that we can get a similar package for Skyrim."

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Gordo7892614d ago

I'm going to buy this game this week.... C'mon amazon black friday deals, throw me a bone!

jaidek2614d ago

Considering the other lands of Tamriel have been discovered in the PC version of Skyrim (minus high res textures) I'd go with that as the DLC setting.

NukaCola2614d ago

Well They can touch down on the areas that have not been touched in a modern light. Like heading back to Daggerfall and DLC in other areas like Morrowind. I dind't realize they covered the entire map.

megacowdung2614d ago

they covered the whole map? when did they do elsweyr with all of the human cat people/khajit? i love walking, talking humanoid cats and the argronian lizard ppl

Tony P2614d ago

If it's strictly DLC, I'd like to get some perspective on the last 200 years. They kind of threw a whole bunch of cool events in that period in the books.

I was actually kind of disappointed they were so much more interesting than the "Oblivion Crisis" we did get to play.

ishilicious2614d ago

so i thought initially that im not really an elder scrolls kinda gamer, but then i watched a few videos of the game on youtube. Ive gotta say...i want in. Hopefully its as good as EVERYONE says it is.

sonicsidewinder2614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

They should push it.

Give us the world of Tamriel. Then you can totally feel the diference between the provinces and each races culture.

Of course, it would be a hell of a challenge.

There's also the other continents. They could go back in time and set it during when the Elves ruled.

And people. Don't simply say, "yeah do DLC", it's exactly the kind of thing they want to hear.

RahatR2614d ago

This. I approve of this.

GoldenPheasant2614d ago

Just to let people know, there are other continents in Elder Scrolls lore...

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The story is too old to be commented.