Skyrim smithing guide to level up fast

Product-Reviews writes: If you are looking to level up quickly in Skyrim there are many ways to do this, but we have found a little Smithing trick where you can level up your Smithing and thus level-up in the game in exchange for some gold. We went from Smithing level 22 to 41 in a matter of minutes and level 7 to level 10 in the same time frame.

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Swiggins2616d ago

Neat Trick, but kinda cheap.

I think my character is leveling quite nicely. My sneak, archery and one-handed are all progressing nicely as is my smithing.

crazyjackal2616d ago

I did/do this (having never seen the article) without the continual buying of materials.

Whenever I return from a journey, I forge iron daggers and leather bracers because they have the lowest cost to level up my smithing and then I sell the goods and head back out on my journey.

Sub4Dis2616d ago

what trick do you need? get straps and iron ingot, make a boatloat of iron daggers...??...profit. get it?

dreamtheater872615d ago

Surely it's detrimental to your combat abilities if you continually level up based on a crafting skill?

Getting to level 100 smithing quickly is all well and good, and you may emerge from Whiterun with the best gear, but you'll also have low level one-handed/archery/destruction skills. You'll charge into an area that's tuned to your level, with only the ability to smith you foes to death!

Swiggins2615d ago

At level 100 smithing you should be able to throw a damn anvil at your enemies.

dreamtheater872615d ago

It worked many times for Road Runner :)

Dovahkiin2615d ago

I initially thought this, but after doing this until my smithing was 60, it turned out that with a ring and necklace enchanted with smithing enhancements; I could double the damage my weapons were doing therefore balancing it out (not that it needed to be balanced as I only leveled up 2-3 times doing it).