Skyrim: 48 Hours Of Funny Glitches – Part 2

360 Magazine: Is it really bugging us that much?

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Dailynch4634d ago

Again with the bugs! Just play the game. Unless the bugs are stopping you of course. Damn bugs! (shakes fist)

saladthieves4634d ago

Some bugs are pertty cool..like the flying horse dragon one. For a moment there, I thought that it was part of the game. XD

RankFTW4634d ago

Not a bug but funny, took me ages to get that on there heh.


saladthieves4634d ago

I saw a similar bug elsewhere. Some guy was in a house and before he could steal, he covered the man and woman's faces with a bucket so that they wouldn't see what's happening...and it worked!

Fishy Fingers4634d ago (Edited 4634d ago )

I've had the odd mammoth drop out the sky, that's about it. As long as it's not game breaking I'm not bothered, in fact, they offer up the occasional laugh.

Biglet4634d ago

Totally agree with you dude. As long as the game isn't breaking and the sillies happen only on the odd occasion, I love that stuff!


Forget Elder Scrolls 6, Skyrim Can Easily Be Made Into A Next-Gen Game

ScreenRant's Stephen Tang writes, "The Elder Scrolls 6 won't be releasing for a while, and in the meantime, the modding community has been making Skyrim into a next-gen game."

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GhostScholar51d ago

That’s just laughable to me. I think they’ve squeezed all they can out of an 12 year old game

mastershredder51d ago

"Easily" because they see mods, says the gamer. To heck with licensing, terms agreements conditions, etc. all you need to do is belive in mods. Yeah, so real superficial BS yo.

CrimsonWing6951d ago

Do people not want to play a new game? Like, I’d rather see 6 than just a prettier version of a game we’ve been playing since the 360/PS3 gen…

Popsicle50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Yes please. Did pretty much everything there was to do in this game. Took a very long time and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Skyrim is one of my all-time favorites, but I would prefer a new experience.

anast50d ago

They might as well. So far, it looks like ES6 will be mostly developed by AI.

Smellsforfree50d ago

I don't want a next-gen version of a game I've already played to death. Skyrim was a great game, but I'm over it.

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Interview on Fallout 4 with the Actor for Nick Valentine, Codsworth & Mr Handy (Stephen Russell)

Interview with Stephen Russell, Actor for (Nick Valentine, Codsworth, My Handy) in Fallout 4 which is a vast open world role playing game set in the apocalyptic wastes of Boston, the Commonwealth. The career goes further with other Bethesda games from Starfield to Prey to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

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I'm Replaying Skyrim (again), and So Should You

Replaying Skyrim after 13 years is a reminder of the progress made in western RPGs over the last decade, but also what's been lost.

anast110d ago

I tried, but it's a poorly made game that insults its customers.

lucian229110d ago

nah, only mods make it decent, and even then it's bad, and this is after i modded for at least 3 years

Nittdarko110d ago

Funnily enough, I'm about to play it for the first time in VR with 1000 mods to make the game playable, as is the Bethesda way