Skyrim: Beginner's Guide to Property, Marriage & Money

VGW: Continuing on our “Guide to Skyrim” series, we present to you a quick and dirty guide to buying houses, getting married to your soul mate (*cough*) and making money in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Once again, I am your host, Sabbat, and I welcome you.

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rdgneoz33295d ago

One of the easier ways I've found was with the alteration spell "Transmutation". It can turn iron ore to silver ore, and silver ore to gold ore. The jewelry sells for a ton with the right gems. Even the bars if you didn't have any gems sells for a good amount. That and grabbing everything that isn't bolted down and selling to vendors.

Grip3294d ago

the money is a bit of problem.. everything at high price but when i sell my goods it's much lower than original price.

despair3294d ago

thats normal with low speech, higher rating and perks you get with speech, plus items with barter/price enhancements, will improve the prices you get. Its like selling to a pawn shop, you sell cheaper than the actual value and they mark it up to resell.

Grip3294d ago

actually i have a very good Speech. level 31 2 perks with 20 hours of play.

despair3294d ago

If level 31 is your speech level(not sure if you meant overall or just speech) then thats still really low, above 50 is probably when you'll start getting better , mines only at level 28 and I get crappy prices but they are better than they were at 20(I think not 100% sure)

MasterD9193294d ago

I found out that if you are near any giants...they tend to beat the hell out of a dragon pretty easily when there are at least 2 giants.

Not sure about 1 on 1 but I got a dragon soul for only a couple of hits while 2 giants beat the hell out of a dragon for me....then chased me away and beat down my follower into oblivion.

execution173294d ago

1 on 1 they practically killed each other, but the giant barely came out on top then I took him out with an arrow so I can collect the dragons soul

MasterD9193294d ago

If you do circles around a rock or tree, you can shoot arrows at 'em all day. Plus if you have a follower, use them as bait. But good to know they'll beat each other down almost in 1 on 1.

ZBlacktt3294d ago

Use the gold glitch video's on Youtube. Some items re spawn over and over and can be sold in the masses.

Gigglefist3294d ago

Ah, marriage. only Skyrim would allow me to be a gay werewolf lizard-man who spends his spare time cooking and beating up cat people... Which is exactly what my character is

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