The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Save File Size Affects PS3 Playability

Reports are coming in from many PlayStation 3 owners who claim that Skyrim becomes virtually unplayable once their savegame file size reaches around 6MB and above.

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Resistance_lord2533d ago

Mine is at 8 and everything is fine :0

Blackdeath_6632533d ago

yeah same my copy is fine so lol at ppl haveing issues with the game

lastdual2532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

But what's your savefile size? How many hours in are you?

I started getting frame drops around 6mb (25 hours), now at 9mb and the game becomes barely playable after 1-2 hours.

I've turned off PS3 background processes and disabled autosaving, but the improvements were only temporary. Game runs alright for the first hour, but things get really choppy after that.

I haven't experienced the "things are so bad you can no longer interact with NPCs and objects" problems yet, but without a patch the game is looking pretty broken.

It's a little discouraging to keep playing if I know my game might end up like this:

FanboyPunisher2533d ago

I have 11Mb and the game is broken for me.
Sold it in craigslist and bought steam version.

funkykerbunkle2532d ago

Oh right sure. Just like every PS3 fanboy had at least 3 RROD's.

360ICE2532d ago

Yeah, that is so true. I have 20.000Mb and everytime I start the game planet earth is engulfed in an all-consuming fire inferno and I have to restart the system and play other games. After 15 whole seconds of patience I decided to auction my game away to the highest bidder and bought myself a high end gaming PC, Skyrim for PC and a million other cool PC games that actually exist on PC and not on console for the money I earned from selling Skyrim.

But then one day I found out that my super intelligent PC, that costs way less than a PS3 or 360 was playing the game for itself, since it's smarter than human kind of course, and I got like mad angry as hell and broke up with the PC and bought a Mac. Now I'm playing an illegal flash version of minesweeper and loving it.

HardCover2532d ago

Yeesh you guys really this hardpressed to believe that a problem discussed in the article is relevant to someone in the comments on that article?

So he sold his PS3 version because of a bug that affected his game play, and bought the PC version instead.... SO ****ING WHAT?

Fylus2533d ago

Still don't own Skyrim yet but I watched my buddy play it the other day. His save was at 10mb and everything was running perfectly.

funkykerbunkle2532d ago

Oh right sure. The other day I watched my buddy's save files and remembered the size too. I mean nothing better to do.

360ICE2532d ago

And here's your extended story:
In those days that Caesar Augustus issued a decree that a census should be taken of the entire Roman world I thought of the most fantastic idea. Why don't I go over to my friend's house to see if he has Skyrim so I can watch him play and make extensive notes regarding the size of his saved data utility? I journey far into the realms of Narnia to find his humble castle, when suddenly I saw his flat screen brightening up the skies as if it was an LED TV. His Skyrim related saved data utility took up a total space of 10,485,760 bytes, I took notes, but as I watched the game unfold on the night sky I was as if starstrucken - the game was rendering every beautiful frame perfectly, with an infinite number on frames per seconds. No tearing, no frame drops, no lag. And then I realized that consoles are in fact not driven by their processors and graphics cards, but by the spirit of its many fans, and we all danced till sunrise. That was the day I entered the ranks of the adults and became a man.

MysticStrummer2532d ago

I assume the other two people that replied to you think they're being funny. I pay attention to file sizes because of limited space on my HDD, so I can see how you would notice. OT - My save file is around 8.5 mb and I have no problem as long as I save, quit, and reload every so often. Glad they're working on a patch though.

Fylus2531d ago

@Mystic, yeah, I don't really see their problem. I mean, my friend called me up, told me he got Skyrim, I rushed to his house to check it out. I don't know about these guys but I absolutely love even watching other people play games. Should there be a problem with that? I watch my girlfriend's brother play Battlefield 3 all the time. I help him spot enemies and explain tactical strategies as he plays. I find that perfectly entertaining.

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Redlogic2533d ago

Out of curiosity, what type of ps3 (slim or fat) do those of you whose game is working fine have? I have a fat 120gb but don't think I've reached the 6mb threshold yet but I do wonder if that has anything to do with it.

Anon19742532d ago

I understand that if the game starts to bog down, all you have to do is stop, save and restart. It might be annoying, but at least there's an option until this problem is patched. It's not like this is a game breaker.

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OllieBoy2533d ago

I had this issue with New Vegas.

When the save file reached 11MB, the game would crash all the time. Hope they fix it.

Clown132533d ago

Yeah me too, around 13Mb everything would lag until it froze. Same thing with Fallout 3.

kneon2533d ago

Given the wide range of files sizes people are listing here and elsewhere I suspect it's not a matter of file size but rather that the file eventually just gets corrupted in some way.

MrDead2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

I have this problem with Fallout 3 and New Vegas, get over 14mb save and it gets unbearable to play. It never affected Oblivion though

nycredude2533d ago

I never had a problem with fallout 3 and am playing Skyrim on pc so it shouldn't be a problem.

At least the save file is not 500mb like Africa! LOL

NukaCola2533d ago

lol, i remember that. My wife love photography os I got her Afrika. I never got why the game saved such a huge file.

fluffydelusions2533d ago

Apparently a lot of people over at neogaf have this problem with skyrim so I guess it's true =\

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marioPSUC2533d ago

I really hope they fix that, havent had he issue on the 360 yet but its making me scared to play it.

My friends complained about this same issue on PS3 for Fallout 3 and New Vegas and its like they just completely ignored the issue, I would really be upset if this happened

fluffydelusions2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

It only affects PS3 not 360 but ya hope they fix it. Was it ever fixed with New Vegas? If not, I'd be worried.

MasterCornholio2533d ago

They have to fix this. Bethesda has no right to release a game like this with this type of bug. It essentially is game breaking given enough time.