APB: GamersFirst Reveals A Paid Version Of The Free To Play Game

Gamersfirst is one of the largest free to play platforms arround. They have been running APB (All Points Bulletin) in beta form for about 8 months now. The Gangster filled shooter has had a number of tweaks made to its shooting mechanic, and some stability added to it's servers. Now that everything has been polished, the MMO shooter is ready to launch.

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BobbyMcCOOL3194d ago

free to play version still pretty good without premium subscription.

vortis3194d ago

Yeah I'm badly addicted to this game. There are some really, really, cool gangs on this game like the Ronald McDonald gang, or the Black Afro gang, or the Joker squad.

The creativity really keeps things fresh. I can't wait to see what new kinds of content they come up with.