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Nyko’s Zoom accessory may help you play with the Kinect. “May” being the keyword.

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samus41452538d ago

Attachment for the Kinect, to help people in smaller rooms, but it fails

Ulf2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

I saw this at the store recently... glad I didn't pick it up. I kinda wondered how effective it could really be, if MS didn't create such an accessory themselves...

Sadly, I also live in "the land of inbetween" where Kinect is totally hit or miss. I am sad this thing doesn't work, because I was seriously considering it.

jack who2538d ago

problem is kinect isnt just a camera..puttin a diff lens in front of it might give you more of a viewing area but you loss out on things like kinect id, cause to it your just a big blurry mess and tell the diff from your head and hands.

IronFistChinMi2538d ago

Did the author re-calibrate Kinect with this connected? Doing that sorted the issues for others with the problem he described.

samus41452538d ago

He did everything he could, but it didn't help in his environment. May help some, but not everyone.

MasterMasar2538d ago

As I am the author of the article, I can promise you I redid my entire Kinect setup. I still had trouble with it sensing me or my movements. I also have a room equipped with lamps at the corners, all of which were on during the gaming sessions.

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