Twinfinite: Mass Effect 3 Beta Pictures Leaked, Weird Difficulty Settings Confirmed

Mass Effect 3's beta pictures were leaked today on the NeoGAF forums. The most notable thing is the odd difficulty settings the beta seemed to have.

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C_Menz2539d ago

Fail article. It doesn't even give you the full information from the forum post. There are those three options by default but can actually set the conversation mode and game play difficulty to whatever you want before you begin the game.

crxss2539d ago

so jealous. wish I got to play this before it got pulled, hopefully the demo comes out soon.

Raider692539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

I guess Bioware wants every kind of player to get the satisfaction of playing this game the way they like.Just think Action mode a mode more like ME2 but without cutscenes.Story mode every thing in it cutscenes included and RPG mode more on the way of ME1.But my guess is that action mode with have something to do with the co-op and maybe a kind of horde mode like GOW3.

SageHonor2539d ago

I played it on all 3 modes

Action Mode gives you automatic replies. Its still cinematic

Story mode is basically Mass Effect on casual. You get all the dialogue options but the combat is easy as hell..

RPG Mode is what mass effect fans want to play