Don't believe the hype: Super Mario Galaxy is not that great (7/10)

CNET writes:

"Now, it should be noted that I have played each and every Super Mario game dating back to Super Mario Bros. and have always been a fan of the series. In fact, to this day, I still consider Super Mario Sunshine to be one of the better games in the Mario franchise. Further, Super Mario 64 was simply a marvel of its time and easily one of the best experiences I've ever had in gaming.

But after playing Super Mario Galaxy for the past week, I simply don't get all the hype surrounding the game. Is it a good game? Sure. Is it a great game? No."

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Danja6028d ago (Edited 6028d ago )

"Is it a good game? Sure. Is it a great game? No."

Umm...but of course it's a Mario game so reviewers have a lil soft spot for the lil plumber guy...

UNCHARTED is great game which isn't getting the hype ..it deserves..!!

malingenie6028d ago

I have to agree. I see the videos of SMG, I don't get it. I would buy it if I have a Wii, it just doesn't look ?groundbreaking?

ReBurn6028d ago

It is a great game that is very well executed. I like Uncharted. It's a good game. I think that it is some of the best that the PS3 has to offer. But I think that SMG is a better game overall.

unsunghero286028d ago (Edited 6028d ago )

Oh come on. Everyone around here claims CNet is biased because they're owned by Microsoft and then when they diss a Wii game it's "what I was expecting from day one." I hate to pull the bias card, but come on, people. This isn't even a legit review, just some guy's opinion, but of course the folks at N4G manage to pass it off as fact.

This is an amazing platformer and anyone who disagrees quite simply has not played it or just doesn't appreciate good platformers. It makes me sick that so many people around here would take such joy in a bad review, but it isn't exactly the first time.

Let's face it; N4G isn't about what is new and exciting anymore. It's about why things aren't new and exciting. All of the time that some of you guys spend ranting, and it's a wonder you've actually found the time to play anything.

Anyone feel free to disagree. Meanwhile, I'll go back to playing my favorite of the generation. Guess what it is?

Also, @ 1:
Don't compare Galaxy to Uncharted. You're just inviting a flamewar.

TheMART6028d ago

Well I said on day one the PS3 is overhyped, but you still are in denial.

cmrbe6028d ago

Coming from someone that dosen't have a PS3 you don't make a good case. This article has nothing to do with PS3 or X360 and yet you still managed to talk carp about the PS3. I have a PS3 and i can honestly say it has lived up to my expectations and more.

PS3 Limps on and on6028d ago

You think I'm stupid? This is a little last generation platformer.

Reviews always tend to overhyped some games.

unsunghero286028d ago

Now that you've called Galaxy a last-gen platformer....

Yeah, I think you're stupid.

Xi6028d ago (Edited 6028d ago )

it felt like I was playing mario sunshine, just 5 years later and in space. The other problem is that the game is SOOOOO easy, you can easily get 3 or 4 lives just from the starting area alone, and they reset everytime you enter or exit something. I have some 40 lives right now.

Yes it's a good game, no it's not as good as people are saying.

Feihc Retsam6028d ago

SO true....!!!
Why even have "lives" if you get reset to the galaxy map when you die anyhow? It's so unnecessary! THere is no threat of failure in this game. Even back in Mario 64, if you died, you lost some serious progress.
SMG just lets you walk right through the game. I haven't finished the game yet, but I don't see it getting too hard.

Maddens Raiders6028d ago

just wait 'til Sidar gets here.

U R Mr. Gay < Next-Gen