Eurogamer Italy: Uncharted 3 Review

"When a product is raised to the rank of "icon" of a specific console, bringing fame and wealth to those who have developed, the pressure and responsibilities grow dramatically. A single misstep could in fact do away with the confidence and support that the public has shown you so far and, as often happens, win the favor of the mass could be an arduous, if not impossible.

"Everything from the graphics to get to the actual game mechanics, has been studied in detail and perfectionism really rare these days, and what follows is a quintessential experience that any gamer worth his salt should experiment over and over again.

"Do you have a PlayStation 3? Buy it. You do not have a PlayStation 3? Buy it and then bring home a copy of Uncharted 3. You will not regret."

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Dante1123481d ago

WOAH! A 10 from Eurogamer Italy?!?! Very nice, very nice.

_DarkCharizard_3481d ago

LOL. A love letter to all those fanboys ganging up on Eurogamer :P

Gamer30003481d ago

so much awesomness
alot of 10s/9.5s/9s
the game is 93% now on metacritic

Dante1123481d ago

Yeah, only 17 reviews have been added so far. Some reviews are missing there.

TreMillz3481d ago

its still 93 at 27 reviews now, the 2 8's...i swear man

GamersRulz3481d ago

there's 10s all over the place....this is GOTY material for sure although I expect a shocker from IGN

IGN Uncharted 3 : 10
IGN Gears of war 3: 9
IGN GOTY: Gears of war 3

just like MGS4/Fallout 3 in 2008

MsclMexican3481d ago

No they will probably give it to Portal 2 because IGN loves Portal

They did the same thing last year, although Mario Galaxy 2 got a 10, they gave GOTY to Mass Effect 2.

10's are rare on IGN, but rarely are they GOTY from IGN

Also I love Eurogamer Italy, but hate Eurogamer....
Just the fanboy in me venting a bit

Obelisk923481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

Nah, Gears 3 will never get GOTY from anyone... i believe IGN will give GOTY to one of these:

Portal 2
Uncharted 3
Skyward Sword
MAYBE Forza 4, but it's not the kind of game that gets a GOTY.

They wanna give GOTYs to multiplatform games to not enrage the fanboys.

Obelisk923481d ago

Porco giuda spacchiamo tutto. lol

M1chl3481d ago

Sorry guys I don't know Italian : D Just wanted to be smartass for minute : D

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The story is too old to be commented.