IGN: Uncharted 3 Review

IGN defines a 10.0 -- a masterpiece -- as "the pinnacle of gaming, a masterpiece may not be flawless, but it is so exceptional that it is hard to imagine a game being better." That's Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. From start to finish, single player to multiplayer, this game sings. The characters, the graphics, the sound, the story – they’re all top notch. If you’re willing to skip Uncharted 3, be prepared to miss one of gaming’s finest moments

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_DarkCharizard_4175d ago (Edited 4175d ago )

Wow. This is great for PS3 owners ;) Congratulations to Naughty Dog!! :D

Second PS3 exclusive to get a 10/10 from IGN after the EPIC Metal Gear Solid 4. Awesome!

rjdofu4175d ago (Edited 4175d ago )

Hell freaking YES! It has GOTY written all over its face.

Gratz ND, you totally deserve it!

Eamon4175d ago

Perfect Score, eh. Now I can't wait for this game.

disturbing_flame4175d ago

It's rewarding awesome work.

Video gaming is about joy, pleasant moments and great trip. Naughty Dog have done the work.

Haters gonna hate.

tawak4175d ago

Uncharted 3 is better than sex....just saying

Lifendz4175d ago

Has any game ever received a 10 in every sub category from IGN? I can only squeeze two games into my budget and I was going to get Batman and BF3, but it looks like the Dark Knight will have to wait a little.

gypsygib4175d ago

I'd recommend Batman over BF3 hands down, unless you're really in the mood for a military shooter.

BF3 SP will probably be all action and not substance and Uncharted 3 already has great MP.

buddymagoo4175d ago (Edited 4175d ago )


He could be married. As for the game, DAY ONE!


Drakes on a plane, lol.... Brilliant!

DrakesOnAPlane4175d ago

I recant my original statement about IGN giving this an 8.9/10.

This shoe-filled, crow flavored pie I'm eating sure tastes weird.

DrakesOnAPlane4175d ago

Also, must not watch video... so hard to watch with so little days now.
Drake's on a Plane in 8 days.

Getowned4175d ago

In Naughty Dog we Trust,Umbassa.

aCasualGamer4175d ago

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for us to go.. APESHIEEEEET!!!! ehm.. ehm..*corrects collar* I mean, it is time for us to go out and wait in line for this great game. >=D

MidnytRain4175d ago


Uncharted 3 won't give you herpes.

4175d ago
stu8884175d ago

Sorry for trolling...

PC gamers - suck 'em

Nothing, even your precious BF3 beats that. Uncharted 3 is in its own league!

STONEY44175d ago

I honestly can't believe I got YLOD a couple days ago. This will sadly have to wait =(

EVILDEAD3604175d ago

'360 owners will SWITCH from gears of war and Halo to play this game because it is so good. Im getting this game day one and im going to play the hell out of it and rub it in the faces of every halo fanboy on the planet then once im done im going to FANTASIZE about nathan drakes sexy abs while I whack it to the great experience that I had with Uncharted 3.'

LMFAO @ this literally being the funniestt troll comment I've seen on N4G in a looong time.

First off..congrats to the Naughty D boyz keeping up with their stellar track record. You could see IGN setting up to give this game a 10 since September. If this game got ANYTHING other than a 10 from IGN, there would have literally been an implosion on the internet.

The only thing I will agree with Trophy's hilarous trolling is that if you own a PS3 then UC3 is cleary has to rank at the top of must-buys for the system.

But, 360 gamers are 'switching' consoles and games just to play it. The majority will still be playing Gears sprinkled with games like Forza..then move this week to Battlefield 3, then MW3, then Skyrim, then Halo Anniversary.

The ones like me that are multi-console owners though are going to be playing UC3 from Day one.

Either way, no matter what you own games like UC3 are why it's an amazing year to be a gamer.


da_2pacalypse4175d ago (Edited 4175d ago )

While I agree with the review score, the actual review itself is horrible. The guy does nothing to convince anyone to buy the game.. he simply says "this game is awesome, because it's awesome".... then again, they say you can't spell ignorance without IGN, so i'll let it go...

Danteh4175d ago


Best gaming month EVER. Period.

Uncharted 3, Zelda and Skyrim :0

Army_of_Darkness4175d ago

Blood fire!! pc and xbox 360 fanboys not gonna like that!!! lol!

IcarusOne4174d ago

Awesome. From Gears to ICO/SOTC to Arkham and UC. What a great season of games.

Sarcasm4174d ago

Didn't expect any less. Uncharted is still my personal favorite series this generation.

DatNJDom814174d ago

I have to admit I never thought ign would give a PS3 exclusive a perfect score. That means they WONT give Uncharted 3 game of the year. See Metal Gear Solid 4.

zeeshan4174d ago

A perfect 10? WOW! Kitty got wet bitch! :D

sikbeta4174d ago (Edited 4174d ago )

Bravo Naughty Dogs for creating such amazing series, *congratulations* Uncharted 3 *can't wait!*

Kurt Russell4174d ago (Edited 4174d ago )

Suddenly there is a lack of IGNorant comments...

Game looks great.

Sexual_Hrrsmnt_Panda4174d ago (Edited 4174d ago )

Surprise surprise this game gets a 10/10 from IGN...

Sad really.

I know you will bubble rape me and hide my comments as trolling but hear me out.

6 months after release of UC it was in the bargain bin for $20, 6 months after release of UC2 it was in the bargain bin for $20... I am fairly certain that once you finish the SP and have played about 20 hours of the MP you wont play it again (sell or trade in for sure) and it will be in the bargain bin for $20...

This game has nearly no replay value and the MP from what I've played isn't that great. Sure it has great graphics and what not. But it is still linear as hell and once you beat it in under 10 hours that's it...

Hardly a 10/10 game to me, a linear unchanging story with limited MP mode and no replay value. This isn't a Metal Gear Solid game where a replay adds value or Battlefield/COD where the MP is worth playing.

I laugh at anyone saying GOTY, that is reserved for Batman Arkham City or BF3...

Now go fanboys go, and click trolling like there is no tomorrow, but it wont change the fact that I will pick up this game in the bargain bin for $20 in 6 months time, when you have all gotten over your little orgasm for it and traded it in after you realise how limited a game it really is.

It's has very pretty sand and animations but that doesn't make a great game.

nveenio4174d ago

I still have both U1 and I'm also in the middle of U1 right now.

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NewsForSnowflakes4175d ago (Edited 4175d ago )

Luckily, I'm ill on the second of November so I can't go to work.

Ddouble4175d ago

Looool. I like how you've forcasted your illness.

Matter of fact let me do that as well

extermin8or4175d ago

damn A levels if only i could be 'ill' 2nd november infact its only day in a week i can't get home early :(

4175d ago
SnotyTheRocket4174d ago

Well, I have to get sick, already sick twice so I have to be close to death to stay home and play...... Well, ima go try to get sick, lol.

Jazz41084174d ago

Why do fanboys have to hate on each other. The 360 and ps3 has had some fantastic game with gears3 and now uncharted3. Why can't we congratulte both systems and enjoy both games rather then call out another group. Some gamers just need to grow up.

Taz Yamauchi4174d ago

@Jazz4108 because 360 fanboys brought the whole new meaning to the word congratulations this generation and its called troll

nveenio4174d ago

I'm self-employed, so I get to take as long as I want to enjoy it!

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thong_pounder4175d ago

oh man it's going to get hot in here

day 1

princejb1344175d ago

wow this is amazing, this caught me off guard
i love the uncharted series

newleaf4175d ago

Does this mean IGN are no longer ignorant?

xPhearR3dx4175d ago

IGN is only ignorant when fanboys don't see a score they like.

elshadi4175d ago Show
TheFallenAngel4175d ago

It will get a bunch of disagrees but this guy is right. It still IGNorant to me.

LOGICWINS4175d ago

"IGN is only ignorant when fanboys don't see a score they like."

Pretty much.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr34175d ago

Are you all basing their ignorance off of scores?

4175d ago
morganfell4175d ago (Edited 4175d ago )


No, that isn't what it means for me. I put zero stock in this review or any other they do. GTA IV a 10 IGN? Really? Heavenly Sword a 7? Gears of War 2 gets a 9.5 but Gears 3 a 9? Seriously?

No published standards detailing how they grade, to what they give weight and what they dock, across all fronts (graphics, story, replayablility, etc) means no standards. And no standards means no sort of reliability as a gaming review site whatsoever.

Just because IGN rates highly a series which I like does not mean suddenly they are welcomed with open arms. Quite the opposite. For me personally this review has absolutely zero meaning, carries zero weight, and IGN will not earn a click from me until they hire an Editor in Chief whose job it is to institute and enforce editorial standards across all articles, particularly reviews.


LOGIC - No, you are wrong. Quite wrong. I clicked on this thread to see the opinions of the posters. I am interested to see if people are maintaining their line concerning IGN. My interest isn't in IGN's review.

I didn't even read the summary or pay attention to who wrote the review. Without an editorial policy, names attached to reviews are just as useless as the review itself.

If you will examine my response carefully, instead of searching desperately for some grounds on which to call me a liar you will see was answering newleaf.


No, you are still incorrect. I only care about IGN's existence as they are a blight on the industry. The manner in which they are able to wrongfully influence the gaming industry because of their advertising power is despicable.

I care about IGN in the same manner I would have clicked and commented upon an article about Avian Flu or any other infectious threat. I certainly do not care about them in the manner in which you think.

LOGICWINS4175d ago (Edited 4175d ago )

@morganfell- But clearly you care about Greg's opinion to some extent. You bothered to click on this thread in the first place right? This thread is currently a 340 degrees in less than 20 minutes. CLEARLY many people here, including you it seems, care about what IGN has to say.

If 2 days ago, a person says

"Eh..IGN will give Uncharted 3 an 8.5 and give MW3 a ten because they're ignorant"

then what are they doing in this thread saying

"OMG great score..Uncharted 3 is the GOTY!"

Thats blatant hypocrisy right there. All I would like to see is people practice what they preach.

@morganfell- Woah..where did I call you a liar? I'm just pointing out something that you may have not noticed. If you care about peoples opinions about IGN..then clearly you care about IGN to some extent by default.

EDIT: 3 disagrees in 10 seconds....wooow.

MrBeatdown4175d ago (Edited 4175d ago )

"Does this mean IGN are no longer ignorant?"

I love when people treat the opinions of some as the opinions of the entire internet. It's sad people need to resort to making generalizations about a community of hundreds, if not thousands, to try to imply some sort of hypocrisy.

And it's kind of funny that nobody brought up the whole "IGNorant" sentiment in the comments of the Forza 4 or Gears of War 3 IGN review articles.

But I guess that's what some people have to stoop to to troll an article about something overwhelmingly positive for the PS3.

Crystallis4175d ago (Edited 4175d ago )

No, they are still IGNorant to me. Giving all 10s for UC3 still doesn't change the fact they their reviews are horribly inconsistent and unprofessional majority of the time.

Why o why4175d ago (Edited 4175d ago )

A broken clock is right twice a day.. Some people are so sheeplike they believe anything the media tell them... Yeah 'drink milk'.

Ign have tarnished their name from actions. NOT action. This here is an action. Ill tell you if i agree once ive completed the game. You think i think edge are not w**kers because they gave a ps3 game a good score...i dont know but people are not as simple as you seem to be if you think those who questioned their practices are now all sucking em off because they like or agree with the score..grow up people and cut with the sweet bitter comments....saw em coming a mile off. Ill add that western publications and sites often score western devs games highly. Why not look after your own. How else you make people think eastern devs are crap...smh

Well done naughty dog. Everything about this game seemed solid from a long time ago. Well done

killcycle4175d ago

They have been more lighter on the Ps3 and it's first party games lately.

When the console was launched they was bashing it and every game that came out for it for any little thing.

Maybe they're changing OR seeing the results... people looking else where.

Kleptic4175d ago (Edited 4175d ago )

I 100% agree with Morganfell...great post...

Gaming Journalism in general is simply other way to put it...I too came into this thread not to see the actual article (I won't read or watch any reviews until after I play it entirely), but to see the responses...I did accidently see the score I guess, but doesn't change the fact that integrity in the gaming media has been in heavy decline for this entire generation...

I understand that a review has to be subjective...I'm just saying they are too subjective, and becoming more so than ever before...

A review from the very start should, before anything, put up a few specifications as to what the review entails...who reviewed it (easy to find a name, but who the fack is Greg?), past experience in the given franchise, recent reviews and associated scores...and a MUCH more elaborate break down of the differences between scores...

without that...the score is meaningless, and the detail is in the writing...ok, but if i could find someone that didn't contradict themselves often between reviews (didn't like game A because of factor X, but loved game B because of factor X) then i'd be alright...but finding that is absolutely next to impossible...

but regardless...if this game ends up being as great as IGN is saying it is...awesome...they got one right...but they've, and 95% of the gaming media, screwed it up more than they get it right...and one correct review isn't going to change that...

Hicken4175d ago

Well said, morganfell. On all counts. Logic is such an obvious troll that I can't figure out how even he doesn't see it.

And there are too many reviewing inconsistencies and possible corrupted instances to take most of them seriously, yet they still influence the consumers. People see a game get a 6/10 and think it's no good, but they don't know that they score all games from a particular developer/system that way. Then a quality developer suffers, and the people who appreciate their games go on to suffer. It's even worse when those reviews are added into Metacritic, so it makes sense for someone who doesn't care about the reviewers, themselves, to nonetheless care about the review.

And the opinions of those that read the review (which is the same as what I mentioned before: the consumers, who will have an impact on the success of the game) are just as important, if not more.

andibandit4174d ago


For now yes, but if they score another PS3 exclusive less than 9, they are ignorant if you ask me.

fatboyfsx4174d ago

I agree 1000% with Kleptic, very well said sir.

Old McGroin4174d ago


"For now yes, but if they score another PS3 exclusive less than 9, they are ignorant if you ask me."

Wow, are you serious when you say that? If IGN score a PS3 exclusive less than 9 they are ignorant, regardless of whether or not the game is deserving of such a high score?

Oner4174d ago (Edited 4174d ago )

Agree & Well Said Morganfell & Kleptic.

What certain types of like minded people here love to constantly claim is that there is a "conspiracy by PS3 fan...s" yada yada yada, but what they always fail to see (let alone admit to talk about) is the proof and supported facts to uphold the QUESTIONING of these media sites to begin with as to WHY there are inconsistencies.

Here is just one example of IGN's BS by scoring (or attempting to score) a game before it was even reviewed JUST to gain "exclusivity" ~ Now if that does not bode questioning along with IGN deserving the heat it gets, then you yourselves (who do not think so) are nothing more than BIASED & CLOSED MINDED, plain and simple.

IS this a great score from a "very known" site ~ Yep. Do I care for their OPINION on it even though it's got a perfect score ~ Nope. Does Uncharted 3 deserve the scores it's getting ~ We will all see, just like we did with Uncharted 2...and that's where my money is at.

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Etseix4175d ago

@IrishAssa join and come aboard the hype train YEA (H)

zeddy4175d ago

some of you might not like gregg miller but he doesnt hand out perfect scores willy nilly. thats his first 10/10.

andibandit4174d ago

thank god it's a PS3 exclusive, otherwise we would have to bash them for being biased.

Dante1124175d ago

YAAAAY! Great score, UC3 is doing well.

Drake1174175d ago

Great score for a great game!
But seriously i swear to god im going to slap the next person i c in real life who says ign hates ps3 and is being payed by ms. Fair review for what is probably Goty!

4175d ago Replies(1)
ngecenk4175d ago

gee.. my gf will hate me a lot next month.

if i dont hate her first :p

4175d ago
lelo2play4175d ago Show
dark-hollow4175d ago

sorry skyrim, but i think uncharted will take most GOTY awards

Drake1174175d ago

50/50 split with the exception of Bad sites giving it to MW3 lol

xtheownerzx4175d ago

wow Ign gave this game a ten? wow I'm truly surprised now. My anticipation for this game just rose a lot.

solar4175d ago

i thought IGN was IGNorant. but now they can be loved again?

Biggest4175d ago

Who said they love IGN? I love Uncharted!

Treyb3yond4175d ago

People don't seem to realise that ign has different reviewers. It's not one big ign man who reviews everything, different reviewers may like different types of game.

Regardless, uc3 is a day one game.

solar4175d ago

i LOVED UC2 and cant wait for UC3. we all knew it was going to get good scores but all the hate for IGN who even game MGS4 a perfect 10/10 is laughable. its only a review score.

Danja4175d ago

wasnt expecting this score at all im even more excited for the game now seeing all the amazing reviews pour in...

where are the IGN haters now ?? lol