IGN: Uncharted 3 Review

IGN defines a 10.0 -- a masterpiece -- as "the pinnacle of gaming, a masterpiece may not be flawless, but it is so exceptional that it is hard to imagine a game being better." That's Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. From start to finish, single player to multiplayer, this game sings. The characters, the graphics, the sound, the story – they’re all top notch. If you’re willing to skip Uncharted 3, be prepared to miss one of gaming’s finest moments

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_DarkCharizard_4596d ago (Edited 4596d ago )

Wow. This is great for PS3 owners ;) Congratulations to Naughty Dog!! :D

Second PS3 exclusive to get a 10/10 from IGN after the EPIC Metal Gear Solid 4. Awesome!

rjdofu4596d ago (Edited 4596d ago )

Hell freaking YES! It has GOTY written all over its face.

Gratz ND, you totally deserve it!

Eamon4596d ago

Perfect Score, eh. Now I can't wait for this game.

disturbing_flame4596d ago

It's rewarding awesome work.

Video gaming is about joy, pleasant moments and great trip. Naughty Dog have done the work.

Haters gonna hate.

tawak4596d ago

Uncharted 3 is better than sex....just saying

Lifendz4596d ago

Has any game ever received a 10 in every sub category from IGN? I can only squeeze two games into my budget and I was going to get Batman and BF3, but it looks like the Dark Knight will have to wait a little.

gypsygib4596d ago

I'd recommend Batman over BF3 hands down, unless you're really in the mood for a military shooter.

BF3 SP will probably be all action and not substance and Uncharted 3 already has great MP.

buddymagoo4596d ago (Edited 4596d ago )


He could be married. As for the game, DAY ONE!


Drakes on a plane, lol.... Brilliant!

DrakesOnAPlane4596d ago

I recant my original statement about IGN giving this an 8.9/10.

This shoe-filled, crow flavored pie I'm eating sure tastes weird.

DrakesOnAPlane4596d ago

Also, must not watch video... so hard to watch with so little days now.
Drake's on a Plane in 8 days.

Getowned4596d ago

In Naughty Dog we Trust,Umbassa.

aCasualGamer4596d ago

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for us to go.. APESHIEEEEET!!!! ehm.. ehm..*corrects collar* I mean, it is time for us to go out and wait in line for this great game. >=D

MidnytRain4596d ago


Uncharted 3 won't give you herpes.

4596d ago
stu8884596d ago

Sorry for trolling...

PC gamers - suck 'em

Nothing, even your precious BF3 beats that. Uncharted 3 is in its own league!

STONEY44596d ago

I honestly can't believe I got YLOD a couple days ago. This will sadly have to wait =(

EVILDEAD3604596d ago

'360 owners will SWITCH from gears of war and Halo to play this game because it is so good. Im getting this game day one and im going to play the hell out of it and rub it in the faces of every halo fanboy on the planet then once im done im going to FANTASIZE about nathan drakes sexy abs while I whack it to the great experience that I had with Uncharted 3.'

LMFAO @ this literally being the funniestt troll comment I've seen on N4G in a looong time.

First off..congrats to the Naughty D boyz keeping up with their stellar track record. You could see IGN setting up to give this game a 10 since September. If this game got ANYTHING other than a 10 from IGN, there would have literally been an implosion on the internet.

The only thing I will agree with Trophy's hilarous trolling is that if you own a PS3 then UC3 is cleary has to rank at the top of must-buys for the system.

But, 360 gamers are 'switching' consoles and games just to play it. The majority will still be playing Gears sprinkled with games like Forza..then move this week to Battlefield 3, then MW3, then Skyrim, then Halo Anniversary.

The ones like me that are multi-console owners though are going to be playing UC3 from Day one.

Either way, no matter what you own games like UC3 are why it's an amazing year to be a gamer.


da_2pacalypse4595d ago (Edited 4595d ago )

While I agree with the review score, the actual review itself is horrible. The guy does nothing to convince anyone to buy the game.. he simply says "this game is awesome, because it's awesome".... then again, they say you can't spell ignorance without IGN, so i'll let it go...

Danteh4595d ago


Best gaming month EVER. Period.

Uncharted 3, Zelda and Skyrim :0

Army_of_Darkness4595d ago

Blood fire!! pc and xbox 360 fanboys not gonna like that!!! lol!

IcarusOne4595d ago

Awesome. From Gears to ICO/SOTC to Arkham and UC. What a great season of games.

Sarcasm4595d ago

Didn't expect any less. Uncharted is still my personal favorite series this generation.

DatNJDom814595d ago

I have to admit I never thought ign would give a PS3 exclusive a perfect score. That means they WONT give Uncharted 3 game of the year. See Metal Gear Solid 4.

zeeshan4595d ago

A perfect 10? WOW! Kitty got wet bitch! :D

sikbeta4595d ago (Edited 4595d ago )

Bravo Naughty Dogs for creating such amazing series, *congratulations* Uncharted 3 *can't wait!*