Top 10 Free To Play MMORPG 2011

With so many great free MMORPGs out there, sometimes it’s hard to pick the good ones from the rest. There are some that manage to stand the test of time, while others are all looks and no substance. However, some recent games manage to storm the room and they just can’t be missed.

Here is a great Top 10 Free to Play MMORPG games.

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ScytheX32646d ago

Rusty Hearts is sick too, game isnt for everyone and is still in open beta (of sorts) but really fun game and if your a fan of cell shading even better

alexkayl2646d ago

Totally agree, but it could be considered a MMORPG as much as a fighting game. Not much unlike Vindictus, but Rusty Hearts seems more like a brawler.