Digital Foundry Tech Analysis: Forza Motorsport 4

Turn 10 is back and Forza Motorsport is better than ever before - bigger, newer, shinier and with a whole host of technical achievements to enjoy both in terms of the visuals and the core driving simulation.

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JellyJelly2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Forza Motorsport 4 really is a technical marvel. Especially compared to Forza Motorsport 3 which was good for its time but never achieved the jawdropping sensation displayed in Forza 4.

The more I've played it the more details I've noticed. At more than one time I've driven straight into the wall because I was mesmerized by the sharp looking cracks in the road lol.

Number_132920d ago ShowReplies(1)
ironwolf2920d ago

Yes, don't say anything positive about the game; you will be punished. Just look at the pattern shown by the temperature scores.

Story title that can be interpreted as flame bait. - High Temp regardless of number of comments.

High Review score for Forza. - Low Temp, even with large number of comments.

Low Review score for Forza. - High Temp, even with 0 comments.

No, there is no anti Forza bias here what so ever.

SixShotCop2920d ago

The mods are not biased at all.

Did the IGN review of 9.5 for Forza 4 reach the front page? Maybe it did but i didn't see it. They hid it on the later pages to prevent the banning of the PS kiddies that would've got all bent out of shape.

gamingdroid2920d ago

I don't know much about racers, but I thought the frame rate is superbly important for simulations.

"The comparison is intriguing on a number of levels: it demonstrates that the aesthetic look of the two games is very, very different - especially in terms of the lighting, and that while Forza's performance level is wholly consistent at 60FPS, GT5 can drop frames and tear, even at 720p."

Are frame rate drops something that affected earlier Forza games?

I tried the demo, enjoyed it as an arcade racer by setting the game mode to casual. Might pick it up down the line....

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death2smoochie2920d ago

It's a very impressive game.

NealCaffrey2920d ago

Wow if you look at the track comparison for Forza and gt5, there's way more detail and way better lighting on Forza's tracks.

Yodagamer2920d ago

there also is more elevation on the tracks gt5 just seems to have mostly flat tracks

DigitalAnalog2920d ago

"Secondly, unlike Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (which in fairness, is running at a locked 30FPS), lighting in the environments appears to be "baked in" - pre-rendered, in effect. This means that while the overall look is quite beautiful, light sources are in fixed positions and do not move. So, the passing time of day and the dynamic lighting effects we see in games like Gran Turismo 5 are not present in Forza Motorsport 4."

"If there is a criticism to make of the game, it's that the developers have opted to polish, refine and improve their existing offering as opposed to branching out and creating any stand-out new features for the core driving experience."

A common argument in many GT5 vs FM4 articles. Looks like DF seems to highlight that particular aspect as well.

"This focus ensures that the game is remarkable, but it's difficult to avoid the conclusion that Polyphony Digital remains the pioneer of the console driving genre in terms of the breadth of racing types being covered. It's not just about the wet weather or night-time racing modes that Dan Greenawalt discussed earlier - snow and ice conditions are missed and there's no rallying."

Another common discussion relating to both games. As much as Forza does deserve it's scores, one can also look at it in another way and point out to why there are no "penalties" for not implementing features when the other has already set the standard. This is like giving RE5 the free pass when games like Dead space 2 allows free aiming.

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