Xbox Live Deals With Gold – June 16th – June 22th

This week on Xbox Live we get a temporary price cut for the latest Battlefield and Forza titles. Even if most of these games have been already on sale in the last months, Microsoft is offering you a new chance to grab it.

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2793d ago
RaTaTaT2793d ago

Finally the deal I've have been waiting on for forza H2. I think ill finally have to bite. ( not the biggest racing fan that's why I waited)

BattleAxe2793d ago (Edited 2793d ago )

With backwards compatibility announced, I'm definitely going to be picking up Battlefield Bad Company and Bad Company 2. This is pretty cool, seeing as how the only place where you can download the original Bad Company game is on Xbox 360.

LilMassacre2793d ago

I may have to pick up battlefield bad company since I loved playing the demo years ago.

Scatpants2793d ago

Might have to get that Storm Island DLC.