Gran Turismo vs Forza Motorsport: Past, Present and Future

Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport have been at each other’s necks since I can remember, actually lets change that the fan boys of each of these amazing franchises have been at each other’s necks for as long as I remember, and it is understandable because both these franchises stem from their mother console companies which are major rivals that is of course Xbox and PlayStation.

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user74029313308d ago

gran turismo because of its mechanics, it feels alot better and more genuine when upgrading your cars knowing your not getting bogus claims of realistic engines using mario kart engines for lamborginis

SonofGod3307d ago

And that comes from the biggest PS fanboy on N4G lmfao. Just because of that you have no credibility in what you say.

What I personally don't like about GT is that cars sounds like vacuum cleaners and they use standard model cars from PS2 era.

"getting bogus claims of realistic engines using mario kart engines for lamborginis"

It's not bogus they've been recording cars since FM3. Driveclub devs did it too.

Godmars2903307d ago

"And that comes from the biggest PS fanboy on N4G lmfao. Just because of that you have no credibility in what you say."

And you've just lost any credibility.

Make it about the actual subject, not just only the commenter.

On topic: both games are racing titles exclusive to specific systems. Both devs do their best. Though GT loses something when compared to Forza, and Forza loses something when compared to GT.

qwerty6763307d ago

@Godmars290 umm its very relevant to point out his pure sony bias

because 1. he no longer has credibility on his opinions. and also you know every comment he makes is not looking at it from an objective standpoint but as a sony fanboy.

so no. SonofGod certainly didn't lose any credibility for pointing it out,

and yes it is on subject because when he says " it feels alot better and more genuine" despite never playing a forza game its very relevant.

system223307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

Gran turismo went downhill. Gt5 had car models from the ps2 lumped in. The didn't even bother doing interiors for them. It had no damage modeling, you couldn't actually flip cars and they didn't even leave skid marks until a later update. Meanwhile forza 4 was still loading on features and included all the things gt5 didn't. Gt6 was just a slightly better version of of 5. Forza 5 while having less tracks than 4 was disappointing, they rebuilt the entire physics engine with Dunlop test track data and laser scanned the tracks. They've had tons of car packs released (some of them free) and are giving away free tracks as time goes on. Forza also let's you go nuts on car customizations, gifting cars, the auction house etc. all very cool.

I used to looooove gran turismo but the advantage of not being a fanboy lets you see things honestly and objectively and somewhere along the way forza just started being the stronger sim racer of the two. Metacritic scores agree.

Also if you ever said something positive about something other than playstation I'm pretty sure the world would end.

hkgamer3307d ago

good comment and i respect your opinion until i saw your metacritic part and was dissapointed.


sorry had to give a disagree just because of using metacritic.

awi59513307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

That's been proven wrong time and time again by hardcore PC sim players. They stated forza had the far more realistic physics engine but you can only use it if you have a racing wheel. The down side is most of High quality Pc wheels wont work on xbox because microsoft are dicks and make you use their crap wheel. When you use the controller you dont get full use of the physics engine the game assists you.

system223307d ago

While I agree it's better with the wheel, you can turn the assists off very simply when using a controller. The 360 supported fanatec and Logitech wheels. I had both. Fanatec is also releasing a new wheel for current gen along with the thrust master and ceappy madcatz

awi59513307d ago


The Pc testers said that yes the option is there but the game is still helping in the background. They tested it and confirmed when playing with the controller they are still assisting you. It only fully turns off when you plug in a wheel.

VforVideogames3307d ago

And now .... bow to the king/ god/ centurion of racing sim.....Forza Motorsport.

Retroman3307d ago

they-both-have-competition-now .


3-4-53307d ago

Forza became the better series with Forza 2.

From that point on, it's been the better driving game series.

* GT is a really good series, but it hasn't changed much since the one I played back in 2001 on the PS2. I think that was GT3.

* Also, yea the cars in GT sound like toys or like appliance motors kind of.

* NO excuse for still using pixelated car models from 2001, when your a game that is on the most powerful console.

Both good series, but one is stuck in the past.

Magicite3307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

GT total sales - over 70m.
Forza total sales - over 20m.

Latest GT - arguably worst in series.
Latest Forza - arguably worst in series.

Matt6663306d ago (Edited 3306d ago )

GT used to be top dog of racing games but over the years Forza has taken that title

Forza has interior views for all there cars and has better damage and sounds for there cars

GT has a lot more cars and is bit more realistic since it doesn't have a rewind mode

So both games have there up and downs

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Orbertron3308d ago (Edited 3308d ago )

Forza because of more mechanics and social options, and not getting bogus claims of 700 cars when only 300 are premium and the rest are SD cars, Forza all the cars are beautiful and they don't sell you a demo and make you pay full price for the full game.

Silly gameAr3308d ago

I've never seen Forza as competition for GT. People like to pit them against each other but GT has a legacy that Forza just can't match.

No offense to the people that enjoy Forza.

Orbertron3307d ago

Same here man, i loved GT1 and liked GT2, but people will put them up against each other just for compared sake or for some (fanboy war) we need both to keep one or the other on their toes, to push for technical, social and gameplay improvement.

TheProjectAli3307d ago

True competition is great for improvements. Project Cars may add to that.

yewles13307d ago

"True competition is great for improvements."

Only if they're reaching similar goals. GT just simply isn't.

Godmars2903307d ago


What is the point of that link?

And as far as i know, while GT, engine sounds and damage effects aside, has always strived for realism, while at one point Forza did as well, but now is more arcade/social oriented.

system223307d ago (Edited 3307d ago )

They are both first party racing sims. They're exactly in the same class to be compared. Gt was the superior racer until gt4 and then forza took over by a mile. Gt5 was the most disappointing release of all. It was so bad to me that I nearly wrote off gt all together. 6 had some redeeming values but it's not as good as f5 and I have both.

yewles13307d ago

"What is the point of that link?"

Really? After you yourself state GT's strive for realism, you ask that?

"To mark the start of this collaboration, Gran Turismo®6 will become the first-ever video game to feature FIA-certified content."

That's only one GT's biggest achievements ever... one of many attempts to bringing one industry closer to another, the real and the virtual...

*another example, lol*

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incendy353307d ago

I was the biggest GT fan in the world until Forza 2. Since then it really hasn't been a competition, Forza's code is just a lot better. Maybe one day GT will make it a competition again, but right now Forza stands alone at the top.

danowat3307d ago

Exactly how I feel, I spent nearly £100 importing the first Gran Turismo, the series piqued, IMO, with GT2, and has gone downhill ever since.

FM2 blew it out of the water in terms of pure driving feel, and the current FM5 is arguably the best physics and tyre model available, and I do include PC sims like iRacing (for which I was a beta tester for)

incendy353307d ago

Yep the handling, car customizations/design options, the net code and just the overall presentation are all done so much better with Forza.

It is a shame really. GT had the throne but they got lazy.

SG1_dapunisherX3307d ago

same with me fm3 was one of the best racer game I ever play since gt1 and gt2 days.