Why the RPG Hate?

Rampantgames: There’s an obviously linkbait article over at IGN which praises the upcoming Elder Scrolls title Skyrim by talking about how it doesn’t play like an RPG. The article summary states, “Even if you think RPGs are dumb, this is a game that will command your attention.”

While most of the actual text of the article is fine, the author’s angle at the start is to set himself up as a non-RPG fan. Or more specifically, someone who takes an active dislike of RPGs (and thus making his praise of Skyrim more remarkable).

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LittleBookOfCalm2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Underlying message: Its not a (urgh, grunt point grunt shoot grunt grunt) first person shooter, but is from a big company, so IGN's reviewers brain cells must be forced (momentarily) out of retirement to suit the commercial goals of the website.

Doesnt mean that the brain coming into activity is easy. It has to be done kicking and screaming, as evidenced through snide, unprofessional, underhanded, anti-genre comments that essentially show that the reviewer doesnt keep an open mind.

Either that, or they underestimate their readership, assuming them all to be FPS fanatics/genre specific fanpeople. Either way, not entirely appealing.

Hicken2920d ago

RPG hate is popular because rpgs aren't really popular anymore.

Hicken2920d ago

While everyone's disagreeing, they should maybe explain how I'm wrong. Last generation, RPGs were the games to buy. I should know, I've got 40 on the PS2 alone. Most of what I've bought this generation has also been RPGs, from Fable to Valkyria Chronicles, so don't go thinking I'm bashing RPGs in the slightest.

What I AM saying is that they are no longer the most popular genre around. That title has gone to the FPS genre. At the same time, RPGs have come under fire for being both stale and not traditional enough.

There are still people who enjoy them, and I'm one of them: I have five still on reserve that I haven't been able to pay off and bring home yet. But the majority of people who game these days (not gamers, because there's a difference) are of a mentality that doesn't lend to the dedication of time and attention that RPGs require. It's so bad that companies (I'm looking at YOU, Nintendo) have even claimed that Western consumers don't buy them, so they don't release them here.

If I'm wrong, feel free to explain why. But as far as I can tell, RPGs have unfortunately fallen by the wayside.

humbleopinion2920d ago

People are disagreeing because you confuse JPRGs with RPGs (an even then you're probably wrong).

RPGs were never "the mos"t popular genre, and where always shunned by action games. But if anything, RPGs are getting more popular then ever this generation of consoles - with game like Mass Effect, Fallout, Oblivion etc selling in the millions.
It's just the JRPGS that mostly couldn't cope: some just fell behind the curve, while others shifted focus to handheld consoles (where they are some of the most popular games BTW).

Tanir2920d ago

Humble is right

jrpgs basically jumped to handle helds, there are so many good ones on there, and western rpgs have boomed this gen.

people just hate rpgs because they are fools.

I had a customer when i worked i game crazy that returned mass effect because he said he had to read.

i just face palmed. his words were "I wanna shoot shit"

thats all anyone has been doing this gen

256bit2920d ago

those that hate rpgs dont have patience. FACT

KingPin2920d ago

thats true. lol

i dont play rpgs coz i feel it takes forever doing the same things. collecting armour, weapons, spells and upgrading the lot, then boss fights.

i started playing oblivion the other day, after about 2 hours i was like "i dont think il be finishing this game."

but no disrespect to rpg lovers, but not all games are for everybody. i know some people who hate racing games and others sports games.

Dark_Overlord2920d ago

You'll be glad to know the main storyline of Oblivion can be breezed through in a matter of hours, however if you opt to do everything else (sub missions, explore etc) then that'll take weeks at least :)

Chrono2920d ago

Because they are IGNorants.

Mottsy2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

F***ing RPG's? How do they work?

_Aarix_2920d ago

With rockets and firepower.

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