Mass Effect 3 leaked picture of Ashley in armour

Mass Effect 3 leaked out a picture for Ashley wearing the armour. Take a look at the left side of the picture and you'll see the armour on her left arm.

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beastgamer2922d ago

for a minute, I believed that I would see her naked in the pictures.
My hopes, torn

Kakihara2922d ago

Silly goose, (spoilers for the first game from this point on). ... Ashley's dead. Believe me I know. After playing the first one on the 360 then spending about half an hour on the pre game comic of the Second one (on the ps3) trying to decide if I wanted to stick with my decisions that accidentally led to her death and saved that uninteresting douche Kaidan and finally deciding to stick with my mistakes rather than rewriting the past, I know I will not be seeing her in her armor any time soon.

BldyShdw2922d ago

Killed her as well, just to have Kaidan be a complete ass to me in 2...oh well

Blacktric2922d ago

Both Ashley and Kaidan are total asses in Mass Effect 2 believe me. I killed her off because I didn't want her to get tangled in my relationship with Miranda. I just can't handle any of that love triangle bullcrap while trying to save the galaxy in Mass Effect 3.

JeffGUNZ2922d ago

@ Blacktric. Best comment I have read in a long time on this site. I actually laughed out loud haha.

_Aarix_2922d ago

I wanted to leave them both on that planet.

A_Troll_From_Ign2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

sorry ashley this is why i killed you.....

krazykombatant2922d ago

where is the picture of her buckteeth??

krazykombatant2922d ago

At first when I played ME, it took me ages to decide who to save, Kaiden or Ashley.

Now after, playing through like 5-6 times, its should i save, kayden the whiny bitch or Ashley the bigoted bitch..

ChocalateDog2032922d ago

I still have yet to play the Mass Effect games, although they are on my list, and that decision is one I am not looking forward to making. In the end I just might save Kaiden, but I'll see when I get it.