How to be a complete bastard in Skyrim

OXM UK: "How to make my own Elder Scrolls 5 hands-on stand out? The answer, it transpired, was simple. Firstly, I would wantonly abuse the game's fast-travel systems. Secondly, I would be a complete bastard. Counting on the fact that the average games journalist is, once you get a few drinks in him/her, a likeable sort and not overly disposed to incinerate passing badgers, I would become the ethical equivalent of a coach toilet - a consummate testicle, a filthy disgrace, the sort of character you'd tar and feather on sight - and hopefully, discover something nobody else had discovered in the process."

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trainsinrdr2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Just marry everyone you think find virtually attractive.
That is what I'm going to do.
If they want a divorce they get a blade through their torso.

dirigiblebill2918d ago

Bit disappointed to hear you can't kill everybody. My inner dickhead needs feeding...

Jam_sponge2918d ago

Imagine this game with a propagating fire system. You'd need a supercomputer to run it, but... just imagine.

Ranich2918d ago

Far Cry 2 didn't require a super computer.

Heartnet2918d ago


Far Cry 2 was HUGEE 50km of pure map :O pretty big imo... probz bigger than skyrim LOL hehe

Ranich2917d ago

@dirigiblebill: Are you blind?

blackhammer2918d ago

"Entering the house in question, I approached a sleeping woman and hacked her in the face. She got out of bed and tried to stab me, so I hacked her in the face again, then she tried to surrender, so I hacked her in the face again."

I laughed at that part.

And it really sucks bawls that there is no dismemberment. It would be hilarious to go around throwing arms and legs at people on the street. THAT'd be a real dickishly thing to do.

Ranich2918d ago

Would you guys recommend me to get this from Steam or GameStop? I'd preferably like to play this as soon as it turns midnight, and I'm not sure if it will take a while to 'unlock' on Steam.