The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night Review (IGN)

The once-famous mascot has had his wings seriously clipped. Sam Bishop of IGN writes:

"It's hard to know where to start with Eternal Night's review. As I sit here, blood pressure finally dropping back to normal levels -- after nearly tearing the game out of the system to snap it in half -- and getting ready to walk away without ever putting fingers to keys, it strikes me that there's no more perfect example of how a truly good developer makes a franchise, not the other way around."

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Darkiewonder3989d ago

It was destined when new developers took over the IP. you can only go down from there ^^

bootsielon3989d ago

Game development is supposed to be a job that takes passion. It's supposed to be a profession that you took because you love the product and its making. I just don't know or understand how can developers botch their future so bad when they studied for several years very difficult subjects. On the case of LAIR, I can understand, since they were a good developer, and were both mandated to put some features that screwed the game, and also wanted to take a gamble (that didn't pay off). But who in the hell wants to work with leftovers? Who the f*** makes career suicide with sh1t like this? Do they think they'll become the next Jaffe, Kojima or Miyamoto? jebus.