PlayTM Gives 7.2/10 To The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night

1/19/2008 - Tom Carpenter of PlayTM writes:

"If you take a look through any gamer's game collection it will reveal something about them. There is something deep within our psyche about what we enjoy playing; on a subconscious level it might be something to do with role playing. Every time that you switch on that racing game, that deep desire to be Lewis Hamilton arises. Or perhaps that stealthy FPS reveals the James Bond in you. It's for this reason that I believe that I have passed over a lot of the more kitschy junior titles preferring to stick to the more full blooded affairs. This was not always the way but as I have grown older it has become more apparent. This has resulted in me not giving a second thought to the Spyro series. First established some near 10 years ago Spyro has been on many adventures but admitting this is my first foray with the purple fellow, I join him on his seventh adventure, the second in a trilogy from Krome Studios, the third development company to add their sparkle to the series."

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