Worst and Turkey Shoot of 2007

Associated Press - Lou Kesten, December 26, 2007:

Worst of 2007:

1. Manhunt 2
2. Vampire Rain
3. Deal or No Deal
4. Lair
5. Escape from Bug Island!

Turkey Shoot:

• Most disappointing: Halo 3 (single-player), Assassin's Creed, Blue Dragon, Heavenly Sword

• Enough already: The Tony Hawk series, World Wrestling Entertainment games, Final Fantasy remakes

• Worst feud: Guitar Hero vs. Rock Band

• Worst flaw in a great game: The inventory management system in Mass Effect

• Worst voice acting: Elijah Wood, Gary Oldman and Billy West in The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night

• Worst cross-promotion: Playboy and Eidos'"Cyber Search" for Kane & Lynch: Dead Men (pictured)

• Most baffling: The Nintendo Wii, still hard to find more than a year after its debut.

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PS360WII4044d ago

Alright looks like the other is getting dup'ed out so I'll just copy and paste my comment on here :)

Well I liked most of those games on the list but I can understand were they are coming from. Heavenly Sword was an amazing game that not to many liked. Blue Dragon was a fun RPG with standard everthing with a few tweaks that didn't sell out. AC sold a million and yet most say it was repetative and no replay value. Halo 3 just had to much hype. I totally agree with enough of Tony Hawk (which is why I bought stake ^^), and Escape from Bug Island who didn't know that game would blow?

No fanboy writter seeing that they pretty much covered everything.

ravinash4043d ago

There were areas that could be improved in there, but it didn't deserve the treatment that it got.
I can see where their coming from with AC. I stopped playing it when my next new game came out and have not gone back yet.

actas1234044d ago

"Worst cross-promotion: Playboy and Eidos'"Cyber Search" for Kane & Lynch: Dead Men (pictured)" I agree. When I saw that picture of the hooker on the Kane & lynch poster, I knew it will be a crappy game.

MaximusPrime4044d ago

Heavenly Sword? Disappointing? you must be mad.

The rest i must agree with.

DRUDOG4044d ago

That dude is mad and I could think of a few games worse than Lair.

Kareshi_X4044d ago

MaximusPrime -by your avatar i can come to the Point that your a SonyFanboy thats why Only Heavenly sword seems misplaced to you. even tho i like the game
///////////////////////////// ///////////////
WWE games Sale A lot of copies for what im aware of.

MaximusPrime4043d ago (Edited 4043d ago )

I can recall that when Heavenly Sword commercial was shown, it says "actual game footage".

Then Halo 3 commercial followed and it says "not actual footage" I laughed.

I actually thought Heavenly sword video is just cut-scene but no it was in the actual gameplay. I even played it myself.

djt234044d ago

i understand the Nintendo wii one

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