Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Suite - First Impressions - 7BitArcade

7BitArcade gets hands on with the recently released Uncharted 3 Multiplayer suite

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kamakaz3md2567d ago

it sucks... hands down, they ruined it!

DarkTower8052566d ago

Well I love it, as do many others.

tack1292566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

This isn't Big Rigs. Haters gonna hate.

younglj012566d ago

Don't care what any1 else think but UC3 is my personal Game of tha Year.Naughty Dog is taking gaming too tha next level.

For $2 you get too play tha MP for an month before tha game comes out.How many games can you name that had that type of promotion?

Uncharted started as an SP only game.Now UC3 is in my top 5 shooters.Nov. 1 is going too be an awesome day.And too let you know how of an hardcore fan I am.

My official kills atm on Is 8-14.I play only Plunder and Team Objeative.And during this beta/demo kills in tha mode dont count atm.

I understand why ND did this bc i have been in room where high rank players would farm noobs.Score 4-0 for 10-15 minutes depends how long they want too farm tha noobs.

For those people I would like too say Fuck You because you only making people leave tha game.I have met 5 people that is cool during this promotion.But they all was complaining tha lame farming if you good just finish tha game quick and then talk shit...

Dont be an asshole just because you are good in an game.But I love turning tha table when they run against my clan then they RQ.

Starting tha official Farm Busters Nation..jk lol

Top 5 shooters...

1.Socom 2
5.Socom 4

solidworm2566d ago

Hands down the worst mp ive played this gen, to say they ruined it just doesnt go far enough

LoveMyKids2566d ago

The Worst MP is Gears of war 3 I hated that game.