3DJuegos: Uncharted 3 Review

"Nathan Drake is going for his third adventure on PlayStation 3, and so does the best of them all. Raising the film in the series concept to the nth degree, Naughty Dog Uncharted 3 achieved their more rounded and memorable game. Literally perfect from any perspective, Drake's Betrayal is a brilliant testimony as playable in the narrative, as far as graphics and sound. A crucial game.

"The single player campaign is one of the most memorable off-line gameplays that can be experienced now, and its multiplayer modes are very interesting too. Uncharted 3 is definitely the best reason to own a PlayStation 3."

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Janitor3485d ago

Apparently the only one who has yet to review this is my grandma. But she's old and fat so it may take a while.

Gamer30003485d ago

"But she's old and fat so it may take a while. "
lol so is gamespot

kennyboy3485d ago

its like when i look at uncharted 3 and i look at all the "we need next gen" false alarms i laugh inside myself, i also laugh at dice with battlefield 3 and the pc superiority lol "next generation on the current generation hardware" well if thats true then uncharted 3 must really definitely deep in the next generation

Studio-YaMi3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

Not really trying to be a fanboy/troll here...but seriously am confused...!

How come when gears of war 3 came out,it's almost got all 10s from so many websites (even popular ones) while Uncharted 3 is going with just 9s ?

Don't get me wrong,9+ is pretty darn impressive,no complaints there,but I'm only wondering why Gears 3 got mostly 10s...!

BTW,I have gears of war 3 and even bought a new Xbox360 Slim solely for this game !(that's how much I like the franchise !) but come on,when compared to uncharted,both games are damn good,and they both deserve 9+,but solid 10s ???..not really ! there is no such thing as a perfect game ! and Gears of war 3 sure as hell wasn't perfect!

Again..not a trolling attempt,I rarely actually comment these days,but saw the reviews for gears and uncharted,and now I keep telling myself that there actually might really be some form of hate towards Sony this gen.

(Sorry for the rant & bad English)

Edit :
Just to clarify,this comment is not intended towards the 360 or Gears,it's meant to target the gaming journalists out there !

news4geeks3485d ago

well, so far uncharted3 is 94 on metacritic and gears3 finished on 91 so...

Studio-YaMi3484d ago

even though I didn't check metacritic,but don't forget that uncharted reviews are still coming until the game is released and even after it's release,which mean the numbers can still change !

but what even struck me,is that gears is 91 considering all the 10s that were thrown left and right.

nevermind it anyways,I was just confused over nothing I guess..

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