Image speaks louder than words, Skyrim Will surely prove to be an unforgettable game.

Wallpapers and gameplay screens explained everything about the game. The game's graphics seems to be better than all.

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Dwalls11712659d ago

I dont no man..dark souls is looking like it might give it a real run for its money

Chuk52659d ago

DS is for a very particular audience, and ES has far broader appeal. At the end of the day I think Skyrim will best it because it's a far more ambitious game.

HaHa_Ostrich2659d ago

I would say Dark Souls, or Demons Souls for that matter, has (re)created a sub genre Id call a Survival RPG. Elders Scrolls is much more open ended. They dont compete in the same field in my opinion.

Blaine2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

I thought that at first, but I'm at the final boss of DS now and I have to say, the scope (ambition) of the game blew me away. Dark Souls's world is *huge*, and extremely varied. Of course I haven't read any reviews mention that, because most of them probably didn't bother making it past the Gargoyles boss, which are at the end of the first and arguably the most boring setting of the game.

Many of the areas in Dark Souls are among the most impressive settings I've seen in a game to date, and they're so varied. Not enough people know that about the game. I know Skyrim will be vast and all, but I'd be extremely surprised if the environments turn out to be more varied or more impressive, honestly.

Edit: but of course double standards are rampant in this industry. All the people who didn't bother mentioning DS's amazing environments will rave about Skyrim's. Sandbox games get a free pass in many aspects in reviews, and people are quick to forget that DS is completely open also, albeit not a flat map. Am I the only one that doesn't feel like Red Dead Redemption was that great? Definitely not game of the year for me, but people think it automatically is just because it's a Rackstar open world game.

KonGreat2659d ago

Holy shit, your almost done? I heard the game is craaaazy hard. If it's as hard as it sounds like, goodjob mate! hat off for you
I thought red dead redemption was a great game, but definately not a goty, it just missed that 'something'.

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mrmancs2659d ago

not got the patience for dark souls , cant wait for this though :)

greyhaven332659d ago

Why does it always turn into a Skyrim vs Dark Souls thing? I'm currently playing Dark Souls and it is an incredible game, I'm also eagerly awaiting Skyrims arrival.....there is room enough in the world for both games to be fantastic and we are incredibly lucky to be gamers right now

Pintheshadows2659d ago

Not to mention that they are nothing alike.

Tex1172658d ago

It becomes a Skyrim v Dark Souls thing because avid Dark Souls players just want Dark Souls to get the recognition it deserves. Im not sure if you could get further apart in RPG game design than Dark Souls v Skyrim.

The Souls games are my #1 and #2 favorite games of the generation.

That said, Im greatly looking forward to Skyrim, have the game pre-ordered and honestly am ready for just walking a field collecting plants for a bit after the beating im taking from Dark Souls.

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