Forza Motorsport 4 Review - The Digital Fix

Turn 10 are back once more aiming to push forward the 360’s flag ship racing simulator series that little bit further...

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kingdoms2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

I want to go home :(

Can't get the roar of my new Charger S class out of my head. I can feel it in my bones(vsx 1020-k with polk audio tsi500 7.1)

Rattlehead202566d ago

I need this game in my life! But alas! Living in the UK means I have to wait until friday. Doesn't really make sense considering motorsport is MASSIVE in Europe.

Noticeably_FAT2566d ago

I'm an American and I agree with you, they should have done a worldwide release. It would mean more people to race with online as well. Your going to love the game though, hope you got the Collectors Edition, as it's well worth it.

EarthLover2565d ago

Its not as easy as you think to do a world wide launch. In most cases if you didnt get the game on the same day as we in the US, its because of some protectionist laws or rules in YOUR country, its not MS's fault

ironwolf2566d ago

I'm hoping I'll have time to actually play the game a bit tonight. Last night I only had time to load the disks to the hard drive, download the bonus packs, and run one F class race. I'm looking forward to giving it a work out.

CaptainMarvelQ82566d ago

A lot of games seem to be getting the 10 mark easily these days,im not denying that it is a good game,but is it perfect?
There will never be a perfect game.

and for the record im not just talking about this game,but generally.

2566d ago
m232566d ago

I don't think anyone considers a 10/10 "perfect."

MadMax2566d ago

Saw the game reviewed on G4 last night. I wasnt very impressed with the look of it. The driving didnt look very good either. Seems kinda overhyped if you ask me.

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