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The children’s selection for Kinect is growing and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. With the latest children’s game, Sesame Street: Once Upon A Monster, it will definitely be a good stocking stuffer this holiday.

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EVILDEAD3602589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

Actuallly I think he was too hard on the game, based on the one time he layed with his 7 year old who is not a fan of sesame street.

The fact is it is priceless for younger kids to be able to interact with the Sesame Street characters. There isn't anything out there like it period for the license.

If its a kid game and you say it's a 'fantastic' game for kids, then why give it a 7 out of 10. Sounds like an 8 out of 10 at the least. But, I still definately dig the site. 123 Kinect gets a 10/10 for all of the work theyve put into Kinect. So he may be dead-on with the analysis.

Either way, Sesame and Disney are two gifts I'm definately buying in multiple copies for gifts for my young family members and friends.


Biggest2589d ago

It isn't priceless. It costs around $45 plus tax.

EVILDEAD3602589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

You completely miss my point. You may have not had the pleasure of buying gifts or young children.

You can scour the toy marrket and you will see these psuedo video game slash computer set ups with these expensive cartridges that are ALL horrible in the end.

You will see kid licenses go to the Wii that are just as horrible and just quick cash-ins. (some make it to the PS3 and the 360)

But, Kinect changed everything, in fact nothing and I mean nothing comes close to what Kinectimals pulled off.

I've always said if you get a great kids license on Kinect and pull of what Kinectimals pulled off that Kinect would be untouchable for that market.

Sesame is 'priceless' for young kids to be able to interact with Elmo and co. at the same time as the parents.

Biggest2589d ago

You can't say that Kinectimals is in a league of its own. Eye Pet is every bit the same game with slightly different functionality. I have young children and I know for a fact that games, toys, and other physical items are highly likely to be useless. A trip to Sesame Place, LegoLand, Six Flags, or any other area featuring kid-friendly attractions give far more value than a video game. A video can not recreate the joy from actual involvement. My daughter is a huge Bugs Bunny fan and therefore we have tons of Looney Toons games and toys. When she started kindergarten this year she made sure that every one of her classmates knew how awesome the Bugs vs. Daffy show at Six Flags is. The games and toys now have less value than they boxes they came in.

I'm not discounting the fleeting joy that children find in the new toy/game. It has it's place. But those toys/games are far from priceless and pale in comparison to the "real" thing.

EVILDEAD3602589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

Lol..your even going further down a rabbits hole and still missing the point.

Once again...I owned Eyepet even before Kinectimals and again nothing comes close to Kinectimals. You would know if you actually played both. Kinectimals interactivity surpassed everything before it. I still will always say it was the most slept on game last year. It's success technically is why you have Mass Effect 3 going voice as well. It brought the Milo to Kinect before Lionhead even had the chance.

Are you really making the silly point of comparing video games and children's media to theme parks? Lmao..

You way out in the weeds at this point. Again it's clear you haven't even used Kinect and it really doesnt matter. Kids loves the the SHOW Sesame Street and it is amazing for kids to be able to interact with them evrn more than they have EVER been able to do through video games.

If you know what's in the stores year in and year out then you would know why I'm making that statement.

I've had family and friends over and the truth is Kinect as a whole has been as priceless just as the Wii had been at providing fun for everyone involved and now the younger kids have games that are more targeted for them and I salute devs like Double Fine whose E3 presentation clearly show they took the license seriously.

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TheZeeMan2589d ago

Sorry guys, I should of explained in the review. It is definitely an 8, however because of the age thing, I gave it a 7. It's really hard to figure out what age its going to be good for, it's really based on your childs education/experience with gaming/etc. Comparing it to kinectimals for example, I think its safe to say Kinectimals is good for all ages. That's really my only gripe with it, example if I wanted to buy this for a 4-yr old I know (that's a friends kid)...will he be able to play it or understand it or will he just think its cool to see sesame characters on screen or will he hate it altogether? That's the question they should of kind of figured out in my opinion. Every kid I know loves Kinectimals aging from 3+, I was hoping Sesame Street would of accomplished the same thing.

EVILDEAD3602589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

Just my humble opinion...

If a game deserves and 8 in your opinion then it should get an 8. In the review itself is where you explain why and who it is targeted to. Parents are ALWAYS looking for games for kids that are actually good. I was blown away by the quality of Kinectimals as a whole and it got good reception, but as gaming consumers we all knew who it was ultimately targeted to ( but still a guilty pleasure for adults as well). In this case i found it interesting to see what Double Fine pulled off with license. At E3 it was clear that they really cared about the license and pledged to do it justice. Which is a a little to rare in this cash-in world in regards to kid games.

But if it's a 'fantastic' game for just sounded more like an 8 then a 7 in this 'Metacritical' world


EVILDEAD3602589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

Sweet..Game informer gave it an 8.5..that was huge..OXM gave it an fact it is getting pretty good recption with a Metacricic of 8.0. in fsct all the reviews have been 8.0 or higher..

Just sayin