Epic nerfs the Gears of War 3 sawed-off shotgun plus weapon stats

XMNR: Epic Games listened to Gears of War 3 fan feedback and announced a change to the sawed-off shotgun on Tuesday and also shared stats with what is the weapon of choice in the Xbox 360 shooter.

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HacSawJimThugin2567d ago

Wow...I'm a little shocked Epic choose to do that just because of whining ass noobs who can defend themselves against the sawed-off. Phuck it...just as long as they don't "tweak" anything else, I'm good. I like the sawed-off but love the Gnasher even more.

montyburns0002567d ago

the SOS is a cheap weapon. didn't the the countless threads on the epic forums and constant complaints across the internet tip you off?

StanLee2567d ago

I don't think they nerfed the damage, just reduced the spread which was the biggest problem.

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NewZealander2567d ago

i hate the shot guns, i just cant deal with the slow firing weapons, gimme the lancer any day, if i have to get in that close for a shot then i may as well saw em in half.

gamingdroid2567d ago

If you look at the stats, it doesn't appear the complaint are justified. I think it is just gnasher users finally getting some competition....

JeffGUNZ2566d ago

It's not "competition", it's a bullshit weapon. It's really evident in King of the Hill. If the entire team has the sawed off, it's nearly impossible to counter the circle. Nothing is more frustrating then killing people in awesome 1v1 gnasher battles then some moron rolls into the cirlce, blindfires the SOS, and runs halfway across the map while they reload. I still finish MVP of the game, but it's still just a non-skilled, noob weapon.

My buddy has been newer to Gears since Gears 2 launched. He really treid to use the gnasher in Gears 3 beta, but everytime he gets frustrated with the gnasher he switches to the SOS. He finsihes with more kills.

Gears is a game about skill. You have to be better than your opponent to win those 1v1 gnasher battles. With the SOS, the skill is removed.

Shadonic2567d ago

wow im a noob ? Ive played and beatin all 3 gears games and i even think its a cheap weapon hands down.

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franko2567d ago

Who gives a f**k? I don't use it and i'm not whining when someone kills me with it.

Winkle922567d ago

Woohoo!!! Awesome news!

TheColbertinator2567d ago

They nerfed the Retro Lancer and we always kicked the ass of those shoddy chumps in the demo.

SOS and Gansher need huge nerfs

kma2k2567d ago

Im glad to hear it, it was runing online to me. It was to the point where it wasnt fun!

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The story is too old to be commented.