S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 will require a permanent internet connection

DSOGaming writes: "In a recent interview, Sergey Grigorovich revealed something that passed under the radar of all PC gamers. The head of GSC Game World stated that S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 will require a permanent internet connection when he was asked about the game’s copy protection."

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dangert122568d ago

was going to buy it not now

Mr_Lu_Kim2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago ) says hello...

If the DRM gives me the shiz, i'll pirate like I always do and play offline with every bonus that the game has to offer.

Also crack could just fix this.

At below... What? make sense no...

Kostchtchie2567d ago

exactly, this connected to internet always is lul, why even bother with this shit time and money wasted, and people will stick it to them for this

egidem2567d ago

These guys keep on implementing DRM thinking that they've got stuff under control...until 3 minutes after release someone's patched the game to work without DRM.

AAWELLS092567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

Jesus. What are two years old? Get over it debbie downer. Its not like it makes it a bad game.

Brownghost2567d ago

im fine with these things since i have a reliable connection with no problems

Solid_Snake-2567d ago

im buying this day 1.

my internet is plugged in 24/7 so no biggie.

outwar60102567d ago

what happens for whatever reason you connection goes down mid game...................

MAJ0R2568d ago

honest consumer: oh man that sucks, I buy the game legally and get slapped in the face

pirate: hehe I has crack so DRM is useless

ATi_Elite2567d ago

I don't know about a Crack this time around! He said a lot of the game will be on the server and downloaded as you progress.

A crack only bypasses the online check and not the "other stuff". May need a good set of "Keys" to get info from the server.

anyway too much of a hassles just save up the cash and go buy it!! It's more than worth it.

*I'm being coy as to not give away too much info and some of what i said is wrong on purpose but those in the know get the picture*

TheGameFoxJTV2567d ago

thats even worse. You have to download as you play?!! That's a terrible idea. What if you have a bad connection? SMH

Soldierone2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

Simplest of ideas would be to have someone "hack" it and save the data as they play. Then release the data all at once.

For me its not a matter of buying it, its a matter of actually being one of the people that buy it, yet I'm the one being punished. Fact is its going to get hacked one way or another. Those that hack it will be able to play it at college, at work, on vacation, on trips etc...meanwhile I just have to hope there is an internet connection....

ATi_Elite2567d ago

Man if you got a cell phone or a laptop you can play it anywhere almost!

The U.S. has coast to coast cell phone service with free WiFi all over the place!

This always connected to the Internet DRM is really no longer an issue!! I think people just make up more stupid excuses just to complain!

I prefer the Pubs/Devs take steps to end piracy instead of using it as an excuse to make CRAPPY games.

byeGollum2567d ago

Pc gaming is awesome ... DRM is icing in the cake..

Orpheus2567d ago

Your N4G name suits you :-).

byeGollum2567d ago

My Precious suits us better .. ehehe

ATi_Elite2567d ago

I do not care if i gotta have GSC Game World Executive stand over my shoulder while I play STALKER2 i'm getting it!

STALKER is tied for my favorite game of all time with the HL series!

STALKER got pirated all to hell in Russia so I can see why GSC wants tighter security. Hell I even got an "early" Russian version of STALKER COP cause i didn't wanna wait 4 months for the U.S. version, Sorry but i wasn't gonna Friggin wait. (But i bought a retail U.S. version on Day 1)

So this time around people know how great STALKER is and GSC deserves every dime they can get so they can continue making AAA quality innovative great games like STALKER!

"Get out of here STALKER"

MAJ0R2567d ago

if they want DRM they should use steam... plain and simple

Mr_Lu_Kim2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

As long as they polish it this time.

I love the STALKER series to death, I even have the BETA builds of SOC but I do get sick of how much better 3rd party mods make the games. You would think that by COP they would have implemented some of these ground breaking mods to the game but no. I also worry about it being gimped due to coming to the 360.

The complete mods form artist pavel made the games just so much better.

for anyone interested here is COP complete

ATi_Elite2567d ago

Is the Lost Alpha finally out? Where SOC was completely different if so how does it run?

AAWELLS092567d ago

I wanna see this game in action. I hope they show us something sometime soon.

earbus2567d ago

Lets all whinge about everything in the world wow,get over it.

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