No Plans for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 on PS5, Game Pass One of the Reasons Behind Xbox Console Exclusivity

“We’re concentrating on the Xbox Series X/S version,” says GSC Game World.

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RaidenBlack697d ago

*Timed exclusivity ~ 1 year.

Sonic-and-Crash697d ago (Edited 697d ago )

if you ask me these are good news..

recycled old franchises that imo will never get that old glory (or quality)... GSC is not same company anymore (Metro and other games absorbed most of the good talents) ....PS5 is going for completely new IPs (returnal , sackboy anyone) that will be fun and fresh need for 15 year old game sequels

DiRtY697d ago

You would be offended to have the opportunity to play this game on PlayStation!

Sonic-and-Crash697d ago (Edited 697d ago )

@Dirty im not saying that.... i just say it s not a big deal that this niche IP is not coming on PS5 as has mainly cult following and we have dozens of similar games recently in the past decade (Metro, Tarkov, also all zombie apocalyptic games PuBG , Days Gone State of Decay etc )...

back in the day STALKER was superb with its open world dynamic , realistic gamepaly and meta apocalyptic world.....but now is like 1000 times eaten , warmed up pizza ....if it was coming to PS5 i wouldnt buy it probably

XbladeTeddy697d ago

"i just say it s not a big deal that this niche IP is not coming on PS5 as has mainly cult following"

The franchise has sold millions, hardly a cult following. Not sure if you're trolling or not.

jukins697d ago

You say millions as if its more than 2 or 3. I mean for something to sell that and be sonewhat popular a decade later is like the definition of kult following lol.

I wonder if people excited have every actually played the first to be so excited about the 2nd.

Jericho1337697d ago

So if Sony brought back an old franchise like Syphon Filter or Sly Cooper, you’d be disappointed?

Nice attempt at playing this down, but STALKER was a great game and PS owners are unfortunately missing out.

nickanasty206697d ago

I mean, this games original home was PC which is more in line with the Xbox Ecosystem, so it makes sense that they are developing this for the Xbox only.

DOMination-697d ago

Lets not get carried away, we still basically know nothing about this game so who knows if it is any good but..

2 million+ units sold during an era when game sales were not as they are now and it was only on PC.

Lets also not downplay the significance of the original. That game inspired a lot of Eastern European talent to make games in the years since.

itsmebryan697d ago

But, you are glossing over and not mentioning all the remakes, remastered games, and old franchises on PS. TLOU 1 &2, Dark souls, Ratchet and clank, ETC.. Both systems have new IPs and old franchises.
Please don't be that guy.

annoyedgamer697d ago

How about instead of being mad, just get the game on PC? There is no need to shill for these companies anymore.

Sonic-and-Crash697d ago (Edited 697d ago )

[email protected] above ....i m also against remake likes LoUs and Darksouls ...that didnt offer anything to the console thlough i like RC as it is almost a total reboot and masterfully worked to fit this gen

Gamer75696d ago

Sackboy was on PS3 & PS4 so not exactly what you'd call a new IP

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lelo2play697d ago

If Microsoft are funding the game... then it will be Xbox/PC exclusive.
If Microsoft are paying only for marketing and promotion, then it's likely timed exclusive.

TheHan697d ago

I bet it’s exclusive for a few couple years or more.

StoneyYoshi697d ago (Edited 697d ago )

The fact that its not a straight up yes or no is an obvious sign that this is just a timed exclusive. I could be wrong though but when a dev says "we have no plans" or "We are concentrating on these specific platforms" usually ends up on the other consoles down the road. And they are more than likely contractually obligated to not speak about the competitors system until a certain time.

Speaking of timed exclusives... Wheres the Xbox release for FFVII? Wasnt it only supossed to be a 1 year timed exclusive on PS?

gamer7804696d ago

@stoneyyoshi. It’s been extended due to the delay and covid. I expect it to be announced at some point this year

TheHan697d ago Show
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annoyedgamer697d ago

Yea. Good thing im getting this on PC. O could care less about games as a subscription service.

RaidenBlack697d ago

This is a PC-centric title.

Orbilator696d ago

First game was meh, not really caring much for second

Giblet_Head696d ago (Edited 696d ago )

Objectively wrong opinion. Shadow of Chernobyl is critically acclaimed and has a huge cult following to this day.

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mabelgoodrich697d ago

Waiting to see what happen with xbox

crazyCoconuts697d ago

it will be interesting to see where the market is by the time Xbox gets meaningful exclusives to draw customers.
By then Sony will have some really strong blockbusters out and may even have PSVR2 released

SickSinceSix697d ago

It's an FPS, better with keyboard and mouse anyway

RaidenBlack697d ago

Maybe it'll have M&K support on the XSX|S as well ....

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Youngindy21697d ago

Series X has keyboard mouse support. Next.

DJStotty697d ago

So use keyboard and mouse on Series S or X?

SickSinceSix697d ago

Eww, no thanks. But isn't that implied as an option from my first comment anyway?

DJStotty693d ago

Your first comment was a clear play on words, you may as well have said

"ill be playing on PC"

either way, like you said FPS are preferred to use KB/M, but this option is available across the platforms PC/Series S/Series X

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Pricey697d ago

Money upfront and/or free marketing. Fair enough, as a developer it mitigates some risk for them. It will end up on PS5 eventually though.

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