Shacknews: Uncharted Drake's Fortune Review

Like Naughty Dog's previous work in the Crash Bandicoot and Jak & Daxter franchises, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is a mixture of different gameplay styles and genres. At points, you will be exploring dark, ancient crypts, much like Tomb Raider. At other times, you'll be scaling walls and hopping from handhold to handhold, a la Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. And when the going gets tough, you'll be taking cover behind conveniently placed barriers and peaking out to squeeze off a few shots as in Gears of War.

The Good
* Great graphics and presentation
* Nice blend of gameplay
* Lots of unlockables

The Bad
* Repetitive enemies
* Combat gets old
* Trial and error boss battle

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Jdash243987d ago

i really want to pick this game up now but im broke after assassins creed and cod4

hopefully i will be able to pick it up sometime this week to play for thanksgiving break

snoop_dizzle3987d ago

i'm in a similar boat. I was thinking of getting mass effect first then this and cod4, but i might get this and mass effect this week, and then assassins creed and cod4 later.

Jdash243987d ago

wonderful time to be gamers

bad time to be broke


Rythrine3987d ago

Same boat as well. I got to find money for Haze too.

Korosuke3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

1. COD4
2. Uncharted
3. Mass Effect
4. AC(Im not sure whether AC is well or not...)

I suggest this order.
COD4's main part is online mode. Online game's most interesting period is at time full of players and it's now.
And then jump to Uncharted. Uncharted(Act) is shorter than Mass Effect(RPG). So play it before Mass Effect.

gamesblow3987d ago

I would've gotten this over Assassins creed, man. Uncharted was the best game I've ever played 30 times over and over. "ha" I can't stop playing it. The next-gen filter and the mirror mod make this game a whole different experience on your 2nd time thru.

What I advice you all to do is this.

1 - Play thrut he game normally. Don't use any rewards
2- Play thru again, only now use the next gen filter and a new costume of your choice. There are tons.
3 - Play again using mirror mode - this makes the entire game look different. Every level seems new agian.
4- Play thru with next gen filter and flip mode "not mirror mode"

Those are just 4 ways of playing thru the game. It's so awesome. Thsi game is killer.

snoop_dizzle3987d ago

mirror mode? Does it inverse the level or something?

gamesblow3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

Alright, Mirror mode actually flips everything around... Making what you know as right, left, basically. It changes the whole trajectory of the level. Everything. It's like walking into a new game, basiclly... New game, different layout.

Next-gen filters... there are 3... Sepia, black and white and next gen. The next gen filter basically makes everything look like gears of War. Only, add about 20 notches of bloom effect. It's impressive and adds a whole new flair to the game.

xg-ei8ht3987d ago

I thought i was reading the review for Gears of war.

Same enemies,same weapons. Once you've got them, thats kinda it.

Same fights, duck,fire,move left move right, duck,fire.

But out of gow and uncharted. Uncharted is more fun.

Its worth buying.

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