Forza Motorsport 4 - Demo Gameplay & Commentary Impressions - Forza Hunters

From Forza Hunter:

"As FM4 approaches, more and more emotions get high as do expectations. Kami has always been a Forza faithful and to see this type of eagerness is not uncommon. He took some time to review the demo with the guys at MichaelXboxEvolved as they sat and talked about it. Here’s the video of their time with the demo."

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Blaze9293544d ago

Great video, that Kami seems like a beast with that time he set only after 30 minutes the demo came out. sick. can't wait for this to come out

dark-hollow3544d ago

The lighting is just GORGEOUS!!!
That, and models that showcased when you select your car is the most realistic graphics for a car I have EVER seen in my life!!!


Not impressed. I've seen better with GT5.

Boody-Bandit3544d ago

Pulling off great times with a pad is a breeze in Forza. It's doing it on a wheel that's the real challenge. This game nearly drives itself on a pad. I know, I feel like I'm cheating when I give my wheel a break.

I played the demo for four hours yesterday. I am trying to not play it anymore but it's hard. I want to wait for the actual game. If only Rage would've arrived today instead of tomorrow. Must resist.

ProA0073544d ago

Turn10 did a really nice job on the graphics.

JasonXE3544d ago

whats even better and important is the physics. from the demo, they did an amazing job

Blaze9293544d ago

yeah i was worried about not having much of a difference from Forza 3 but that was knocked out

AridSpider3544d ago

1:42 with the Pagani O_O!? How the f....

AridSpider3544d ago

I've been trying to beat that time for 30 minutes now

green3544d ago

The demo is absolutely brilliant.

Nunchez3544d ago

Demo blew me away! Turn 10 really did step up on the graphics and this shows there's little bit of juice left in the 360.

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The story is too old to be commented.