ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Collection Review [Game Revolution]

These two games make a superb collection which are highly recommended at a mere $40. Even if you already own copies of both games, you’d do well to pick it up for the HD, stereoscopic 3D, and Trophy support at such a bargain price. ~Josh Laddin

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dbjj120883211d ago

Can't wait to pick this up tomorrow.

Ocean3211d ago

Definatley getting this upon release...cannot wait to play these two games again

JsonHenry3211d ago

$40? No no no. I'm getting them from Gamefly. Thanks for asking though. If I hand't played them before then maybe I would pay for it. But Dark Souls and Rage are coming out next week. Need to save some scratch for those.

stormeagle63211d ago

If nothing else, you should get it to support Team Ico so they can keep making games like this and The Last Guardian. But if you're strapped for cash, then your point is well taken. I'd still pick this one up as soon as possible though.

JsonHenry3211d ago

From a consumer point of view I have a hard time buying ANY game no matter how good if I have the option of renting it. I do understand your point about supporting the dev studio, but I care about my bottom line more than theirs when it comes down to it.

I could afford to buy every decent game coming and going if I wanted to. But that is only because I DON'T buy every game coming and going, you know what I mean? A penny saved is a penny earned my friend.

Ulf3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )


You're basically helping instrument the shift of the games industry from creative titles like ICO and SotC, to carbon copy crap like annual CoD.

Like it or not, only the mouth of the individual consumer has voice, in this regard -- no huge entity will come in and save the day. You buy, and reward the devs you like, hoping that others will do the same, or you let them be destroyed and replaced by garbage.

There is no inbetween. Those are the only 2 options.

Games, particularly classics like these, retain resale value for a long while. Spend the $40, and if you truly regret it someday, sell the game for $20 down the road.

mayberry3211d ago

great games to play. Classics!

imoutofthecontest3211d ago

The originals are two of the PS2's best games ever. They both deserve these re-releases because not nearly enough people played them in their heyday, especially ICO.

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