Skyrim may also be a Nintendo's title writes: "With Nintendo's plethora of RPG titles in their ever impressive library, it might be wise to add another blockbuster-bound title, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim."

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-Mika-3206d ago

I don't think they should. Most gamers would have already bought it for the ps3,360 or pc. There not that many hardcore gamers that only own a wii.So it would just be a bad move from a business point. I seriously doubt someone is going to pay another $60 for an inventory screen on the controller and better graphics than 360 and ps3.

Coopertone 3206d ago

-On topic-

I'd understand if it was an exclusive title to a specific hardware, but it isn't!

If the Wii U can handle the engine, it should be without doubt.

CBaoth3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

Oblivion came out a year later on the PS3 and still managed to sell 2 million plus. So, by your logic Mika, Bethesda shouldn't have bothered right?

MrSpace3206d ago

I don't see how the guy is trolling

Shackdaddy8363206d ago

@MrSpace It's passive trolling. Which is the most annoying type of trolling imo...

-Mika-3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

And how was i trolling. Again from a business standpoint. It would not make sense.

Skyrim is a hardcore game. There not that many hardcore gamers that only own a wii. Many own multiple consoles which they would buy skyrim on now instead of waiting a year and buying it for $60.

@ CBaoth

Read what i wrote above. The ps3 has alot of core gamers on there. That why it sold that much. Wii U is in a total different situation than the ps3. It a brand new console which most people upgrading from either own a wii or 360 or a ps3. They most likely get skyrim at launch or by the time the wii u comes out. They would Buy it when it cheaper.

@ Shackdaddy836

What is passive trolling? Just because someone says something negative about something doesn't mean the person is trolling.

Bolts3204d ago

Definitely passive trolling here. The Wii U is a superior hardware platform than the PS3 and 360. So why wouldnt it want a multiplat to game to show it off? Your references to core game sales on the Wii have no baring on the Wii U.

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StarWolf3206d ago

they should move it exclusive to the wii u just to troll everyone

cond3m3r3206d ago

Not going to lie. The first thing that came to my mind was a cartoony version of skyrim. Where Mario is basically fighting a flying Bowser...

3206d ago
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