TGR Review of Beowulf - 9/10 has reviewed Beowulf and just goes to show you every persons review is different, we love the game.

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ParaDise_LosT3990d ago

The same beowulf that got a 3/10 from 1upa 4/10 from IGN and 2.5/ from Gamespy?...

Just comes to show how opinion differs from each indiviual....
Or how easly ammused these people are...
dunno, you choose...

cain1413990d ago

Honestly, each person does like different things. Personally I though Bioshock was fairly generic/good but not great game. Most people found it down right amazing.

thegamereviews3990d ago

That is right, everyone has different opinions for sure, that is why we want multiple people to write reviews for us, so as a gamer you can see as many opinions as possible.

Danja3990d ago

HMMMM..a 9/10...ok then....interesting..nuff said..!!

Eclipticus3990d ago

i dont think i have seen so many games get such a variety of reviews at the same general time...

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The story is too old to be commented.