Beowulf gets 3.4/10 from CVG

Learning NOTHING from the many, many terrible movie tie-ins of recent times, Beowulf is yet another abominable silver-screen translation, desperately trying to cash in on Joe Public's awareness of its bigger CGI brother.

All the necessary ingredients of rip-off franchise crap are here, from real-life celebrity voices to generic clichés to terrible padding of the movie storyline to make two hours stretch across one terrible game.

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MK_Red4927d ago

Beowulf is not really great but it's definitly better than 3.4/10. It's simple and mindless hack-n-slash with decent graphics and lot's of blood n gore which easily makes it a 5-6/10 and possibly 7 just for the violence ;)

mighty_douche4927d ago

First day for me, no doubt about it!

killer_trap4927d ago

i don't know about this game. it's not like they gave it a 5, it's 3.4/10 thats really low. i'll wait for devil may cry and have my hack&slash urge fulfilled.

MK_Red4927d ago

While I do like DMC, my urge can only be fulfilled with either Ninja Gaiden 2 or God of War 3.