Eurogamer's X360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round Eight

Eurogamer compares the X360 and the PS3 versions of Burnout Paradise, Cars Mater-National, The Golden Compass, Beowulf and Ratatouille:

"After the unstoppable surge of cross-platform releases at the tail end of 2007, the frantic pace of game releases has thankfully died down as the New Year games lull kicks in. It's a good time pick up a few of the games we've overlooked as we gorged on the brilliance of the Q4 '07 line-up, or perhaps return to the titles we never quite had time to finish, eeking out the final ounces of gaming excellence."

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ThaGeNeCySt4881d ago

nobody's bored of the comparisons yet?

riksweeney4881d ago

Nope, but then again I think The Simpsons is still as fresh and funny as it was 15 years ago.

xg-ei8ht4881d ago

A comparison of crap games, except BP/

anh_duong4881d ago (Edited 4881d ago )

haven't read the article but.... yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aawn.. why don't we just start making megadrive versus snes comparisons because i am sure they are just as interesting...

MK_Red4881d ago

EuroGamer on Criterion: "Technically speaking, the team is untouchable"
And Burnout Paradise: "nobody else is managing to match what the UK-based developer is achieving in terms of the scale of this cross-platform masterpiece"
So why the heck did you give it 8/10!? Personally I agree with comments above and about the game, I think it deserved a 9/10.

As for the article, the only worthy game on this comparison is Burnout and it rocks on both platforms.

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The story is too old to be commented.