Ten PlayStation/ PS2 games that deserve PS3 HD revivals

The games industry has gone HD-remake crazy of late, with all kinds of PS2 classics being updated to take advantage of the vastly superior PS3 hardware. It’s good for everyone, newcomers get to enjoy improved versions of the games they read about on gaming sites, and those who have fond memories of the various Team Ico, Prince of Persia and Silent Hill games get to re-experience them.

But there are a lot of PlayStation and PS2 games that have been all-but forgotten to history.

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zeal0us3213d ago

Xenogears and Xenosaga

Dark Cloud



Legend of dragoon

Knightofelemia3213d ago

I'd go with Xenosaga ep 1-3, Wild Arms 4-6 and Ar tonelico 1 & 2 for my list along with the orginal Killzone

Ramas3213d ago

Wildarms 1 was so cool and that music in first cut scene (whisling) so epic :)

StifflerK3213d ago

I'd like remakes of God Hand , Haunting Ground, Shadow of Rome and the Fatal Frame series.

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The story is too old to be commented.