Uncharted 3 New Flashback DLC #1 DLC Gameplay

Dualshock Nexus: The Flashback DLC #1 is now available to download for Uncharted 3 Multiplayer. Just like we announced last week, there are four maps. Here, you can view gameplay from all of the new maps, Sanctuary, Fort, Lost City, and Cave (Sanctuary and Fort will be uploaded soon). To view them you can read the full story.


Fort and Sanctuary are now uploaded and can be viewed at the full story below.

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BillytheAlien3660d ago

See how people still blindfire and sprint

Oh and using the FAL and other powerful weapons

God I hate loadouts, feel sorry for the people who try to get into U3s online now....they would be torn apart and punished just because they havent unlocked much.

Loadouts need to go...

pc_masterrace3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

think I'm level 15 and it's not that bad really, you just have to play a less aggressive game and just rank up.

Thatguy-3103660d ago

Ehhh don't think loadouts should go. Just the over powdered weapons like FAL which need to be down graded a bit. Overall the multiplayer is fun because its fast pace. However not throwing money for this map pack. I'll just wait until they release NEW MAPS!!! Not just old maps with new whether(Unless its the village and plaza).

Bioshocking3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

The village was my favourite U2 map... and I really love that ND looks for what the fans want. Look they nerfed the Kal, quick boom and the RPG. They are looking in to the FAL.

Also they are working on new maps (dry docks... its that part before Nate boards the cruise ship and it is bopping up and down+ you can swim around the map)

DC... I get you don't like the story of U3 as much as U2... but thank you for being cool about it, and explaining why you did not like it.

To me it was the best story out of the 3... I might see you online, but to busy playing Starhawk

Capt-FuzzyPants3660d ago

Yeah I wish they would tone down the Fal a little its damage and rate of fire is super high. Plus its got long range. It seems like 2 hits kills me. Pretty much makes the Gmal useless.

I loved the old maps. I can't wait for the second map pack I like them more than UC3s maps. It would be cool if they added some stuff before the actual map like on the Airport and London Underground.

GodHandDee3659d ago

I'm on the second legacy now and have no idea what you are talking about. My main is the M9 and I never use the Fal. I do agree that Fal needs to be nerfed a bit but it's not that hard to compete against it

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-Alpha3660d ago

I love the old school UC2 maps, Village and Plaza, please!

flavorbabies3660d ago

Hopefully in the next flashback pack!

-Alpha3660d ago

Hopefully a map pack with actual new maps before that though. I want to see that ship map

PinkFunk3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Village, Plaza, and um. what's that other level with the snow, very reddish brown sort of color palette, set outside... Argh.

[EDIT: oh wait, it does include Sanctuary ^ what I meant. AND Lost city!! Brilliant. Now if only they brought back Village.

Anyway, I do hope they choose to update with all the original UC2 maps. I do think it rather unfair to make us pay for them (especially if we own UC2. Or how about, if it can detect a UC2 trophy for finishing the game, offering it to us as a credit.


Capt-FuzzyPants3660d ago

It should be free if you bought the Fortune Hunters Club.

Sizzon3660d ago

Flashback map pack 2, should include the other 4: Village, Plaza, Temple and Train Wreck :)

This first map pack had Ice Cave (now cave), Sanctuary, Lost City and The Fort.

pc_masterrace3660d ago

i loved those maps, why didn't they bring those back instead of this one?


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PLAYER50953660d ago

fn naughty dog same ol maps! why?. people b*tch and complain of activision and iw that they release old maps but its ok for naughty dog

The_Devil_Hunter3660d ago

Activision releases old maps with little to no change. But ND released ten in afresh new cost and much more colorful and different textures. Plus if you were a member of FHC this wouldnt seem much like a problem. I still like these maps.

Thatguy-3103660d ago

They just have different whether O.o but at the end of the day its the same map!! & isn't the fortune hunter basically covering the old stuff from Uncharted 1 & 2? As of now your not getting anything new.

ksa-sh8sh8b83660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

uncharted3 all 14 packs(8 packs for map back + 6 packs character ) = 24.99 $ (fortune hunter club )

MW3 1 packs = 15 $
mw3 all packs = 60 $ or more :)

jokia0053660d ago

so snow gone.
im not talking about ff13-2 ^v^

dgonza403660d ago

I keep getting the same damn treasures and i've been playing deathmath for like 3 days straight :p i even have the treasure booster at lvl 3..

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