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$550 PC Build That Plays It All - Gamers Nexus

Gamers Nexus writes, "This rig is affordable - costing you only slightly more than an ultra-budget system - and powerful - consisting of a Phenom II X4 quad-core (with amazing L3 cache and cache per core ratios), an ATi 6870, and 8GB of beautifully heat-spread memory modules - clocking in at 1600MHz (PC3 12800 RAM). Oh, and there's more, too."

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Community4693d ago
lugia 40004693d ago

"$550 PC Build That Plays It All"

Doesn't play Crysis 2 DX11 or Crysis maxed out

WolfLeBlack4693d ago

He never said it would play it all at max settings, just that it would play it.

darkziosj4693d ago

@WolfLeBlack 500$ just to play it? get a ps3 or 360

Dee_914693d ago (Edited 4693d ago )

@dark or get both for cheaper than 550
and literally play them "all" lol

Darkfocus4693d ago

you realize even not maxed out it'll still look significantly better than ps3/360 right -_-

MaxXAttaxX4693d ago (Edited 4693d ago )

I'm still waiting for that price-matching PC to make me switch from my $250 consoles k.

iPlayGamez4693d ago

i have a 6870.

it plays Crysis on VERY HIGH, full HD and i get 30 or more FPS at all times. it isnt "maxed" but this card can play every game on very high (from my experience) so this is actually a really good deal and setup for people looking for a gaming PC. and yeah it's much more powerful than a console.

that being said, i hate all this crap about PC gaming being cheap...IT'S NOT, it costs alot and they didnt even include Windows OS and a gaming mouse to the final price. oh and a cooling system TOO!

2pacalypsenow4693d ago (Edited 4693d ago )

I would rather play on a console if im not gonna be able to max it out on a pc

Dee_914693d ago

i got a 9890 son what !

Saladfax4693d ago


You save money in games. I've bought 3 games at "full" price in the last year: Witcher 2 ($45), Deus Ex: HR ($45), and Portal 2 ($40). I bought them right away to support developers, but I imagine I could have saved a considerable amount by waiting, as I've done with many other titles (Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Arkham Asulum, Bioshock, Dead Space, etc).

I have 152 games on Steam. At least 95% has been under 20 dollars. I'd wager 80% as being under 10.

I'd have to guess that 2/3rds (or 66.6% if you like consistency) were at $5 or under. Steam loves my wallet, and by jove I love saving money.

Sarcasm4693d ago (Edited 4693d ago )

This PC will max out 90% of games on the market while still maintaining a solid 30-40+fps in Crysis 2 with Max settings at REAL 1080p. What do you console kids not understand?

NewMonday4693d ago

how dose it handle Battlefield 3?

PotatoClock4693d ago

"I'm still waiting for that price-matching PC to make me switch from my $250 consoles"

I'm still waiting for a console to actually last more than a couple of years. Have you not learnt anything from cheap Chinese goods that a little extra cost for quality saves you money in the long run?

Even then, you seriously spend way more than $550 on one console and games by the end of it, while the PC enjoys cheaper day 1 game prices, daily sales from Steam and no XBL, PSN+ monthly costs.

Consoles being cheaper is a Myth.

Pekka4693d ago

@PotatoClock: My console has lasted 3,5 years easily and I have played with 8-year-old console too. I would say most consoles last even longer than normal PC (360 is an expection). And you don't pay $550 for PC because you also pay for OS, keyboard and mouse. Also, you have to count monitor to costs too unless you play PC on TV.

Oh, and you don't need to pay PSN+, if you don't want to. You don't need PSN+ to play online. You can even buy all PS3 games online without PSN+.

Btw. If I buy a PC, I expect it to play every game at high details for next 5 years. And this with zero updates on hardware or even OS of course.

Megaton4693d ago

I can play Crysis 2 on high on my pathetic 5450. That game is brutally consolized.

decrypt4692d ago

Lol console gamers are forgetting they pay more per game. Why not consider that when making a price comparison, Sad majority of them even pay to go online lol.

limewax4692d ago


You probably shouldn't ever buy another PC or console then, neither will play games maxed out 5 years down the line. Do you think your console maxes out Deus Ex or Dead Island? or any other multiplat?

Lazy_Sunday4692d ago (Edited 4692d ago )

Crysis 2 DX11 maxed out? Come on, that's a dumb statement, most cards aren't capable of running that at a preferred framerate--namely because they didn't optimize the code, they just slapped the update on the game. It's to your PC what wearing a fur coat in Vegas is to you. I'll tell you what though, it will run any game better than consoles. In fact I can already tell that you'll be able to max out Battlefield 3 at it's console resolution (and even at console resolution, BF3 won't be maxed out)--and then run it at 60FPS+ like it's a whole new game. Just make a custom resolution of 1280x704, in-game turn every graphical setting on and up to 11 (this is a figure of speech), and then make sure your graphics card's rendering quality is set to "quality" instead of performance so you automatically do at least 4x anti-aliasing.
BAM! $550 is all the sudden a value purchase.

Anon19744692d ago

A quick question, based on observation. Is it just me, or are PC gamers touchy this gen about making sure everyone remembers how great PC gaming is?

I was PC gaming since the start, and as game console started to crop up, PC gamers have always enjoyed an advantage over them, but I can't recall ever rubbing it in people's faces. When everyone was going nuts about GoldenEye, PC gamers were happily playing Unreal, Quake 2, Counterstrike - but I never remember anyone playing GoldenEye and constantly reminding everyone in the room how awesome HalfLife was.

Even last gen we weren't subjected to these "Build a gaming rig for $X dollars" ads like we are today, nor did I ever remember seeing the smug reminders that "PC gaming is the bestest" ever 10th post on the forums like we do this gen.

No one doubts a high end PC can play games. This isn't a battle against console users that PC gamers have to win. It's about the way we play more than anything. Console gamers aren't console gamers because they don't know PC's have games too. Console gamers choose their consoles because of ease of use, and consoles will always be the more straight forward way to get your game on. That's just how it is. PC gamers shouldn't be so concerned about making sure that everyone knows they still exist on sites like this. It just makes them look insecure.

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Motorola4693d ago

HD 6870 could play Crysis 2 DX 11....I don't know how well it could play when put together with the Phenom 2 X4 but the card is capable of doing it.

StoneyYoshi4693d ago (Edited 4693d ago )

i have a 6850 Vsync on all settings maxed at 1080p with dx 11 i get no higher than 24 frames. the 6870 will have no problem, it has a good performance difference that the 6850. probably get around 40 fps crisis 2 maxed.

SantistaUSA4693d ago

hey dontbhatin you could improve your frames per second, for some reason crysis games when used with vsync when played at 1080p it will lock at 24 fps, it drove me crazy because I have a powerful system and knew I should be getting better performance! I have a evga gtx 570, the trick was to make a custom resolution, 1080p we all know is 1920x1080, so I custom made one for 1918X1080, it is still 1080p, and you will get a lot more FPS!!!

my rig is:

i7 960
6gb ddr3 ram corsair
64gb ssd
120gb intel ssd
1 tb
gtx 570
55" samsung ledtv
logitech 5500 surround sound
claro plus sound card

B00M4692d ago

My 6870 can play Crysis 2 maxed very well, but as soon as I turn on tessellation the fps plummets.

limewax4692d ago (Edited 4692d ago )

That's probably because its an ATI. Not bashing them at all by the way, just like to point out that a Nvidia Fermi card has significantly less performance drop when using tessellation. (as I am sure you are probably aware but for anyone who isn't)

Deputydon4692d ago

Yeah. It's definitely because of his ATI card. I have a GTX 560 Ti and it gets a steady 50-60 fps on Crysis 2 even with tessellation on. Crysis 1 actually runs worse for me at about 40-50 fps. Both at max.

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5yN4MWQU4693d ago

It will handle Crysis 2 on Dx11 quite capably. Crysis will effortlessly max out - you need to stay more up-to-date on video hardware :)