Cliffy B 'upset' by hateful 8/10 Gears of War 3 reviews

D'Toid Writes:

With any other videogame, scoring an 8/10 would be considered glowing praise. According to Epic Games' Cliff Bleszinski, however, that couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, according to him, anybody who dares give Gears of War 3 a score of eight clearly hates it.

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NYC_Gamer4655d ago

Its not hate could be they set the bar too high for themselves and expected more

gamingdroid4655d ago (Edited 4655d ago )

Cliff does have a point!

That said, it is a review and very opinionated. It could be a different reviewer than last time.

LOGICWINS4655d ago

Yeah, he made a great point about sites that rated Gears 2 better than Gears 3...but as you said, it could have been a different reviewer. Cliff doesn't have to worry though, so far it seems that plenty of people LOVED the game.

A 9.5 from Gamespot is quite an honor considering how tough the staff is on games.

-Alpha4655d ago (Edited 4655d ago )

It sounds more to me that he was using the word very lightly, and Destructoid made it sound like he's very upset. He was asked the question and I found the answer "Good, though there are a couple of haters" to be pretty casual.

He never used the word "hateful" as if it was a genuine hatred. How many times have people casually thrown the word "haters" around? Doesn't mean that you genuinely think that people are being hateful.

Sounds blown out of proportion to me.

LOGICWINS4655d ago

^^He did the same thing with Bulletstorm in an X-play conference. If anything it was a joke. He wasn't even actually mad.


NiKK_4194655d ago

So what if they rated gears 2 higher than 3. How many times has that happened with other games? It's not because they think 2 is better than 3. It's about how much better 3 is over 2, and also... Time. Time can be a big factor in the rating of a game. 2 was better then, than 3 is now. It may not be true, but thats how it feels to most people when they have to put a rating on their review.

OC_MurphysLaw4655d ago

Cliffy has a point...and this is the problem with game site reviews in general these days. Consistency of review scoring. If you the reviewer feel the game is an 8 out of 10 on a personal level, but also concede its better than the previous iteration of the game which scored higher, I think both the reviewer and site have an obligation to their readers to give some consistency of scores. In this case if Gears 2 got an 8.5...and reviewer feels Gears 3 is an 8 out of 10 but it was better than Gears 2 ... then the Editor and reviewer should be conceding the points and at min. giving Gears 3 an 8.6 and possibly make the comments in the review as to why they scored it that way.

Again, I get reviews are personal opinion but for large sites there should also be a level of consistency and acknowledgement to your historical scoring as well.

snipermk04655d ago

"A 9.5 from Gamespot is quite an honor considering how tough the staff is on games."

Really now? Gamespot is Xbox central.

LOGICWINS4655d ago

"Really now? Gamespot is Xbox central."

Thats why they've given 11 PS3 exclusives Editor's Choice awards right.


gamingdroid4655d ago

I think there is an issue with lack of standard guidelines of what criteria the reviews are based upon.

Without this, it is meaningless to talk about scores, because they aren't even comparable.

buddymagoo4655d ago (Edited 4655d ago )


At the moment I don't think it will happen because games will lose points for lack of 3D, motion control and 5.1 dolby features.

Not saying it shouldn't happen though. Also I think the most pro-active way to look at a review is by a percentage of how likely it will be you will like the game. 80% to me is an 80% chance I will like the game and that the odds are I will like it and should buy it.

kneon4655d ago


The problem is that the criteria by which we judge games changes over time. Also when you rate a game you are rating relative to everything else you've played, even if it's only done subconsciously.

What was great 5 years ago may only be ok today. So maybe Gears 3 is better than gears 2 but the rest of the competition have moved further on ahead.

OC_MurphysLaw4654d ago

@kneon you make a valid point about games from the past. Certainly a game say like the original Dues Ex won't hold up to today's standards but at the time certainly was cutting edge.

That said, 2 yrs on the same system is not some generational leap in time. The hardware is all the same on the 360. So in cases like this or say Infamous 2 where you see 2 or more of the games come out on the same hardware I do think you need to take consistency into account. If your reviewer is claiming to find Gears 3 better than Gears 2 on the 360, as a site you should be making sure the scoring reflects that. Just as is the case with infamous 1 & 2. Infamous 2 was most certainly a better game than 1 from story, voice acting, graphics and game play elements...and yet some sites gave #2 a lower score than #1? It just makes no sense and honestly makes me distrust those sites reviews.

malol4654d ago

and 8 out of 10 is bad since ????

darthv724654d ago

so many times these words are taken out of context and made into something more than they need to be.

Thing is, you cant get what he is trying to convey through typed words. You would need to hear if there is emotion behind the phrasing to see if they should be taken one way or another.

People perceive things differently. Even if the person who said it is meaning it one way there will always be those who will see (and hear) it their own way.

8 out of 10 isnt bad. hell even a 7 out of 10 isnt bad. So much emphasis on numbers this gen is taking away from what the games were meant to do.

evrfighter4654d ago

Jims gone from the sarcastic humor that I used to enjoy reading to just downright trolling.

Hes definitely a shadow of his former self nowadays. he must have hit hard times as I can see no other reason hes so desperate for hits.

teething4654d ago

Cliif B is just as entitled to his opinion of reviewers as reviewers are entitled to their own opinions of his game. Neither are wrong.

Ravens204654d ago (Edited 4654d ago )

He's just mad that his game is never going to get anywhere close to Uncharted 2 metacritic. Even though we all knew that was never going to happen to begin with. He's mad that "a clone" has outdone his game.

ABizzel14654d ago

I don't blame Cliffy. If I felt like I put in "A" effort on project in class, and I get a B-, I'm going to be pissed and want an explanation.

I hate when sites allow their so called journalist review a game when they already have an opinion of the game, because there's no way their review isn't going to be bias free. And as an editor that should be the most important thing they look at when reviewing a game. I think 1up magazine/ Famitsu have the best reviewing formula. Multiple people reviewing the same game.

MaxXAttaxX4654d ago (Edited 4654d ago )

Deal with it.

JokesOnYou4654d ago

I think he was joking but either way just take the 8/10 and shut the hell up, we all know its a great game but he should know by now you cant please everybody. btw, Gears3 will be day 1 for me just like Gears1, and 2 were.

ProjectVulcan4654d ago (Edited 4654d ago )

Good game, good scores. But arguably as has been pointed out with time, the impact of the game isn't what the earlier games were in the series.

You have to expect the bar to be pushed upwards as you go along, it never stays the same. Even if Gears 3 is the best game of the series, that doesn't mean the standards by which it is judged are the same as what they were 3 years ago for Gears 2. Several games have pushed up that bar since then.

You have to redefine the level of scoring every so often a game comes along and moves the bar. A game might be as good as it gets for the period, defining a genre and deserving of a 10. 5 years later the same game turns up and it would be classed as derivative and dated. Thus it is not worth a 10.

zero_cool4654d ago (Edited 4654d ago )

That's why people shouldn't base their game purchasing dissensions on some journalists biased opinion.

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MostJadedGamer4654d ago

"Yeah, he made a great point about sites that rated Gears 2 better than Gears 3"

Its totally irrelevent weather Gears 3 is better then every way then Gears 2. You judge the game at the time of release or at the time you played it. Even if a sequel is better then every way then its predeccessor(which it should be) does not mean that it desrves a higher score.

So a reviewer could think that Gears is a better game then Gears 2 in every way, and still have been justified in giving Gears 2 a higher score because it was a better game for its time.

pixelsword4654d ago (Edited 4654d ago )

I'd just like to point out that when PS3 fans do this, it's considered "whining".

I don't like it when PS3 fans whine about scores (about the sites is another story; seeing that some sites are gunning for 360/PS3/PC/Wii games), and I don't take exception to Cliff, even though I think Gears will be a 10/10 myself.

SilentNegotiator4654d ago

"Yeah, he made a great point about sites that rated Gears 2 better than Gears 3"
So EVERY game should be assured a better score than its predecessor? Let's just give every game an infinity/10 from now on then. Would that make you and Cliffy D happy?

It's two years later. Maybe some reviewers just didn't feel Gears 3 was as mind-blowing these days as Gears 2 was in its time. 2 years make a huge difference in the gaming world.

Crying over an 8/10....this just further goes to show how screwed up this industry is, where every review score has to be a 9+ or else is biased (and "hate"ful) and 99% of reviewers give 95% of all game a 7-10.

MSN gave the game a 7/10....I guess Microsoft "HATES" its own games?
lol - Look out! Microsoft is biased against itself!