Reviving Final Fantasy: Does Square Enix have what it takes?

Games Catalyst: "Should Square invest in a different brand and leave Final Fantasy to rest in peace?"

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RedDead2714d ago

Fans seem mixed on FF12. FFXiii was their first disappointing FF from the main series.

Versus, Type 0 and maybe Xiii-2 could be good.

Wintersun6162714d ago

1. Give me full control of all my 3 characters during battle.

2. Non-linear paths, towns and large areas I can explore and discover!

3. Mini games, side-missions and shit! Fighting is pretty much all you can do in FFXIII, fix that.

4. Make summons useful again.

5. Don't force me to grind a single enemy for like 20-50 hours to get a few items needed for ultimate weapons.

6. Fire Wada.

7. Bring FFXII to PS3.

One-X2714d ago

FFXIII seemed to go off track from the other FF's. I really did enjoy XII though.

Sure they can revive themselves, but they're gonna have to be prepared for the critics. I think even they know they made mistakes with FFXIII and that's why we're getting FFXIII-2, they wanted to make amends for the first game. Which actually? I'm okay with. Everyone makes mistakes or a 'bad' game sometimes, if FFXIII-2 fixes what is wrong with FFXIII without being as cheesy and horrible as FFX-2 then I'm all for it.

They can definitely revive the series, one bad game doesn't mean the end to a company. They're going to have to pull their weight for FFXV though.

matgrowcott2714d ago

I would say X-2 through to XIV is what Square need to claw their way back from. With the exception of XI, because I've not played it, each game in that time frame had its good points and bad points, but was never spot on.

If XIII-2 fixes everything that went wrong with XIII, I agree, it'll be pretty damn special though.

coolfool2714d ago

I felt compelled to say "yes, have what it takes, as long as they're making HD remakes of the good final fantasy's!".

But that's not really fair. Thirteen wasn't all bad. It had good character and enemy design and great graphics but thinking about it, that's all visual stuff. My biggest gripe was the story. Not the actual story itself but the way they told it. In the days of old RPG's history and context was done in dialogue, either between the main characters or by talking to NPC's. It was this involving narrative that I miss the most. That and having something to do other than battling.

One-X2714d ago

FFXIII had too many cut scenes for me. I'm currently doing a run without watching any cut scenes, and I'm at 20hours and around chapter 11-12, however if I watched the cutscenes, it'd be well up to the 30 hour point, and well... that bores me. The FFXIII story never hooked me in, I never truly cared about the characters, or the references. My first play through, near the end I still didn't know what Fal Cie or L'cie were. The story was just... there was something about it in which I just couldn't connect with it at all.

My favourite Final Fantasy for the storyline was FFX. The storytelling in that game in my opinion was fantastic. You had a reason for everything, quite a lot of twists, a million side quests and well... you had tons to do. Summons were amazing the way they were integrated, it was just an amazing game. Then in FFXII the one thing that game lacked compared to the previous games, was that compelling story and characters.

In previous FF's, I always felt a connection with the characters, but when I don't feel the connection, I usually put it down to bad storytelling or maybe bad personality choices. FFXII, it was so random how people joined your party for literally no reason at all. In FFXIII, I just didn't find the combination of character to be good enough.

coolfool2714d ago

The characters in FFXIII were largely forgettable but I think that this is mainly down to the narrative. If you felt more involved in the world, it's history and felt that you really understood why things are they way they are in the world (without having to read an encyclopaedia) then you would also understand the characters motives better and so care for them more.

Although, the cut scenes went back 13 days before the story of the game I felt that there wasn't enough history in the game to really feel I knew any of the characters. In FFVII and FFVIII I knew Cloud and Squall's entire up-bringing, where they were from, why they moved, everything! This goes for the supporting cast as well. This helped create an attachment to the characters that I didn't feel in XII or XIII.

One area I did feel they improved from XII was character development. At least in XIII the characters evolved throughout the story. In XII they went through that massive epic battle and by the end of it they are exactly the same! Vaan at the beginning of the game is portrayed as a . Major life changing battle later, he's naive immature kid. At least Hope grew up a bit.

Tigerfist2714d ago

For once I recommend they stop making sequels and spin-offs and actually start working on full new Final Fantasy titles, just like Squaresoft did.

As for fixing the Final Fantasy series... The series was never pefect but oh my did they fuck it up with X-2 and onwards... How to fix this? That's a story for another day for it will take the space of an huge article.

Robaperas2714d ago

They should remember what they did on FF VI, or the PSX ones, they where great, "kinda" open world, lots of secrets, and things to discover; great characters and npc's, we need that back, the feeling you had when you played a FF.

matgrowcott2714d ago

But then people would complain about a lack of innovation.

Square are stuck between a rock and a hard place with their fans, they always have been.

Robaperas2714d ago

Yeah, but they can mix innovation with old school elements; but that's always hit and miss, no secret formulas there. I don't know if they test new gameplay mechanics on smaller games, they should do that.

Tigerfist2714d ago

I certainly wouldn't. Besides, they don't need to fuck up the whole fundations of the series in order to innovate.

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