Gears of War 3 fan already camping for Times Square Best Buy launch

Microsoft and Epic Games are holding a big blowout for the September 20th release of Gears of War 3 at the Best Buy theater in Times Square and one dedicated fan has already staked out his place in line.

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Corepred42617d ago

lol dedicated fan. i never understand why people think its such a big deal to be the first to buy a game/system.

egidem2616d ago


They get in line days ahead of everyone...just to be first. Very short celebration moment, very long time taken to achieve it. The funny thing is how he won't win anything or get a medal/prize for it while someone else will probably walk into best buy like 8 hours later, grab a copy and go home.

Why o why2616d ago

That wii fanboy became famous...for a minute anyway...."sleeps for babies". ...classic

TBM2616d ago

i have better things to do in nyc then wait for a game to release lol. it will be a normal day for me in nyc when this releases. ill just pick it up later in the week.

JeffGUNZ2616d ago

Funny thing is, I will go to my gamestop at like 11:45PM and pick it up at midnight, drive the short commute back to my house and play it before he gets back home.

KMCROC2616d ago

No different than when trying to get hard to find tickets to a concert ,show or your fave band.

Corepred42616d ago

Really? So I can go into the place the band played at a day AFTER their scheduled concert and still see the band?

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just_looken2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

Wouldn't it be funny of this game was like the other gears short sp and busted mp all that waiting for another hyped up fps.
Oh no's i said fps instead of 3rd person shooter i always get that mixed up sense all you do in that game is run around enter fp view mode then spray your guns oh and that 12ft long chainsaw how fun...

Jack_DangerousIy2617d ago (Edited 2617d ago )

That would be even MORE funny if Gears was a fps. I don't own a 360 and even I know that. :?

EDIT: I left off the apostrophe in "don't". Whoops..

andibandit2616d ago (Edited 2616d ago )


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG, that would be funny

funniest thing i ever heard

drsfinest722616d ago

enter first person view mode? wtf are you talking about?? dude.. stop, dont hurt yourself your trying too hard.

Studio-YaMi2616d ago

Gears of war is a fantastic franchise,now go away and troll something else !

Grip2616d ago

it's like a puzzle that i don't understand it!! WTH r u talking about????

Muffins12232616d ago

TROLLLLLLL.Just becouse gears has morepeople that loveit and bigger cumminity dthan uncharted or other fps on ps3 dosent mean yu have to be a annoying aas all day and postingshitup on xboxstuff.

Corepred42616d ago

You call him a troll then proceed to troll yourself. lol

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Farsendor12617d ago

how about showers and using the bathroom? if you get out of line then your not really waiting so it would be pointless

egidem2616d ago

He's probably afraid that if he goes quickly for like 2 minutes, comes back, someone will have stolen his spot, just a "mere" 6 days before the game is released!

Wouldn't want to risk it now would he?

FredEffinChopin2617d ago

I can't imagine what it would take to make me stand on line for 6 days. Whatever it is it had better be dipped in gold and diamond studded.

geddesmond2617d ago

Lol its free advertising. Stores do stuff like this in Ireland all the time. When they have madness sales on they always pay some people to camp in a line days before. What it does is grabs peoples attention on the streets and finally ends up in the news which is their major plan.(Think EAs fake protesting campaign) Free advertisment. Nothing screams buy me more that hearing people are willing to stay out in the cold for days just to buy something.

How do I know this? Because my brother works for an advertising company and hes had to do that a few times. The moneys great but the job sucks

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