If You Don't Own A Playstation Move, Now's The Time

If you have been on the fence, like myself, on getting a Playstation Move, there's no better time than right now.

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LOGICWINS2720d ago

Pretty good offer, but I'd rather wait till Black Friday. Shocked that Sony hasn't jumped on 007's mass appeal by announcing a Sharpshooter Goldeneye 007: Reloaded bundle.

Son_Lee2720d ago

I see no reason to buy the Move yet.

LOGICWINS2720d ago

I'm waiting for Goldeneye personally.

This vid made me a believer in Move

This is the guy's first time playing and he gets shots off effortlessly. I had a gamegasm when he reloaded the gun lol.

Son_Lee2720d ago

It just needs more hardcore games for it. Personally, I love a controller. I have a chronic illness, so I'll probably never be able to use the Move, anyway.

Killzone 3, Resistance 3, and GoldenEye are good starts, though. Needs to branch out of the FPS genre, though. Fallout with the Move? I'd try that. Even Mass Effect, or Deus Ex.

LOGICWINS2720d ago

Sad to hear that you have an illness that impedes you from using Move. Obviously Sony isn't giving Move the same steller support it shows for the PS3 with varied PS3 exclusives, but it will change with time.

zeal0us2720d ago

"If You Don't Own A Playstation Move, Now's The Time"

Man I don't even have a ps3 yet sadly

VforVideogames2720d ago

not even at 49.99 and killzone 3 for free, its just not worth it like the virtual boy remember that?

jneul2717d ago

pretty sure the virtual boy didn't sell around 8million, and that announcement was ages ago, fact is move is not far behind kinect, only a couple of million not bad for a product which barely was even advertised and has only been out a year, and if it was such a fail why is it still for sale and sony still supporting it??

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