What's With The Recent Bioware Hate?

Alright, so they [messed] up on Dragon Age 2. But now people are starting to blow this failure way out of proportion, going as far as to insult games like Mass Effect, KotOR and Baldur’s Gate.

Why is that?

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WhiteLightning2716d ago

Because when Bioware brought out ME it was was something which was unique and differen't. Sure it was a third person shooter but it didn't take the same path as other games like finding ammo for guns and going in guns blazing. They made it was you had crappy weapons (set weapons if you were a differen't class other then the soldier) which took a little while to cool down, while you could cool down they made it so you would use your chosen team mates, in the first ME they were important to you, and it also made you use your biotics if you had any.

However Bioware, starting with DA2 are making games which are accessible to a new casual crowd when they shouldn't be since it ruined a game like DA2, they should be focusing on the loyal audience they've gained since the first ME.

Even though ME2 was an amazing game they made it seem like any other third person shooter. They removed the RPG elenets that made the first ME so great, they got rid of the cool down weapons and added thermal clips (which messes around with the games universe take on thermal weapons...which dosen't make any sense), plus not giving you a choice which weapons to use even though the games about choices and they've also made it so you can go in guns blazing what ever class you've picked where you don't need to rely on your team mates or who you've chosen and don't really need to rely on your biotics which overall make it seem like any other third person shooter.

Now you have ME3 which have added melee combat, grenades, still hasn't given you a choice on what weapons you want to choose from and it dosen't look like theres that many RPG elements even though they've said there will be. Although I'm not saying it won't be amazing game just that Bioware have seemed to have forgotten at what they were by saying something like "RPG's are becoming less relevant" when that genre was their main focus.

The hate is only there because recently it's not what Bioware used to be like. It would be the same if a company like Bethesda started to focus more on action and stop making the Elder Scrolls so much like an RPG......the game would still be good quality but it's not what people would remember them as, people would hate it on and for good cause.

Tanir2716d ago

devs dont care, its about money sadly, nothing we can do but eat it. game wont be horrible it just wont be the same.

im not a fan off mass effect just cuz its a shooter, but i always wanted to play an rpg like theres, then dragon age came out and the combat was i didnt get into that either. but atleast alot of u guys enjoy it. maybe bio will listen to the fans in the 4th game

TheMyst2716d ago

Completely agree. ME is not an RPG anymore, it's just a TPS with light RPG elements. It'll still be awesome but I really wish they would have stuck to their roots and implemented more RPG elements rather than take them away.

Disccordia2716d ago

ME was never an rpg. DA2 was still better than the majority of games that release

TheOtherTheoG2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

I wouldn't exactly say it was the RPG elements that made Mass Effect so great in the first place. In actual fact, in their design, they were one of the worst parts about the game, particularly the inventory system, which was a convoluted, jumbled and completely unorganised mess, not that I'm against games having a good amount of RPG elements, they just have to be, well, not broken. The true 'best bit' about Mass Effect, the reason people loved it so much, was the universe it created, the depth of it's lore, the characters and the story, and most importantly the ability to change all of these aspects depending on your personality, not some messed up inventory system.

Oh, and the cooldown weapons were colossally stupid, to the point of, if you had upgraded your assault rifle or pistol by the end of the game, being able to completely disregard any reason to stop firing, you had infinite ammo and didn't ever have to reload or wait for your weapons to cool down. They tried a hybrid system for ME2, but it failed, so they ditched the entire thing, and you know what, good riddance.

Do I think ME2 had too little in the way of RPG elements? Probably, I do, but I'd rather that than ME1's awful inventory. In a perfect world, they'd have fixed up ME1's systems so that they worked properly, looked serviceable and didn't require you to stop every 20 seconds to turn some more stuff into omnigel, but hey. ME2 could have been better in this regard, a lot better in fact, but going around parading that the RPG elements were the best part of Mass Effect 1 is thoroughly wrong.

ReservoirDog3162716d ago

Haha, very very true. I probably spent more time comparing one minor gun enhancement over another and hated it. ME2 felt a little too streamlined in a way but it was still good. ME1 was a good game despite itself.

In the end, it was the world they created.

andron2716d ago

I'm sure there are some legitimate reasons why Bioware is getting some flak these days. Dragon Age 2 springs to mind, other might have other issues.

But I think one part of it is that when you reach a certain popularity and following there will be a backlash among some groups. It's the old sell out argument. But also people feel some kind of entitlement to what these games should be, since they were part of making them a success by buying them...

Anon19742716d ago

I agree. It`s just like it was cool to hate Grand Theft Auto all of a sudden, despite it being one of the best games (and highest rated) this gen.

People like it when they find a gem that no one knows about. Be it a game, book, band. When suddenly everyone else finds it, it loses it`s luster. Suddenly the new releases aren`t as good as the previous because everyone knows about it. It`s not special anymore.

I think Bioware is falling victim to this, and the reason I know it is because DA2 was a good game. I`m playing through it right now. It`s a blast. Sure it`s not the game that DA Origins was, but it`s still a good game in it`s own right. If we didn`t have the first DA to compare it to, would we be seeing all the hate. I don`t think so. Games should be judged on their own merits.

Now we`re seeing a backlash against ME3, and the game isn`t even close to being released yet.

kma2k2716d ago

lol, when i first read the title i thought it said "hats" not hate & i was masively confused!

reznik_zerosum2716d ago

why on N4G is starting to look like random forum posts of some haters/fanboys

GoldenPheasant2716d ago

This is a very weak article, bordering on (in my opinion) pr damage control.

Like I've mentioned before, more so on my old account, Bioware of old is gone, replaced with Bioware of new (read: Bioware wants to be a publisher). They don't make their games based on imaginative ideas, but on what sells, and this can be clearly seen by them continuously mentioning that they are crafting their games for their fans. While in truth, all they are doing is going by collected data (ie how many people finished DA, what options they used, what romances they on and so on) and making games based on that. Why do you think ME3 is less a RPG and more a shooter?

The hate is well deserved.

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